Rage 2 - Bethesda and Avalanche witness me


Those images should be Gifs where the megatextures slowly load in over 30 seconds. ;-)


So you want Bulletstorm?


That’s an image I captured from the beginning of the trailer. It looks to me like they’re trying to go for a similar feel to the concept art you showed. The original RAGE also only approximated the feel of that concept art, and Avalanche is also trying to get there, I think, and not quite making it.


That trailer music is killing my ears, otherwise I’ll be there day one.


The exaggerated ragdoll may be a real clue showing, together the whole live action trailer and music choice, that this isn’t going to be precisely a serious game, and instead it’s going to veer into wacky fun!


That’s funny precisely because that shot in the trailer shows me a very generic looking open world game that looks nothing like the concept art-alive Rage :)

But I get that using megatextures for a large open world is probably not even possible…

I know some people had that issue at launch, but I wasn’t one of them :)


Characters look good though, like straight from the first game.


Wonder if they’ll get John Goodman back.


Same as the first game then?


Taking the Mad Max studio and applying it to a sequel to Rage is the most obvious and perfect idea I never even remotely considered. This looks great!


Running on Avalanche’s tech:


As soon as the trailer man said “territory” I started twitching uncontrollably about open world AAA games. No more! I can’t take it!


Rumor has it there will be missions where you get to disable mines. ;)


Man, I’m a lot more enthused by that trailer than you guys. I thought it looked like the crazy cross between Fallout/Roadwarrior/Far Cry that I’ve needed in my life, and loved both the graphics and style. And even the punk music.


Video game developers have the concepts down pat. But then they all end up in similar archetypes.

It’s just my malaise talking. The trailer did seem fun.


I think It may be sorta obvious here if not elsewhere: That may be the LEAST of all IPs that Bethseda could announce. I almost think it feels like a decoy from and elder scrolls game …


On the latest episode of the Giant Bombcast, a reader email speculated Rage 2, a sequel seemingly no one wanted, might exist in its current form because of the George Miller lawsuit, which caused Warner Bros. to halt all in-production Mad Max projects. That would’ve left Avalanche with a lot of assets looking for a new home, and Bethesda could’ve been all like, “nudge nudge, wanna work on our IP?”

I find that suggestion a little unlikely, since the lawsuit only happened late last year, and Rage 2 is a first-person shooter, which isn’t a direction I would imagine Avalanche taking a Mad Max sequel given the third-person view would show-off their iconic lead character better (switching perspective would be a massive undertaking, too).



They’re taking this joke way too far.


What’s too far when your entrails are spilling out?

But seriously, I was disappointed at first because I wanted some Starfield news, but this looks really good.