Rage 2 - Bethesda and Avalanche witness me

Holding a button to climb a ladder is fine, holding a button to press a button seems… odd.

Gotta pad the gameplay time clock somehow!

Finally took down one of those rolling fortresses last night. Turns out it can’t get that far away while you focus your car back to health. Once you figure that out it’s inevitable unless you run out of ammo. It also doesn’t help that the car lies to you about the shielded enemies, you don’t need a different gun, you just need to shoot them more than usual.

Good car combat is hard to do. There are some interesting ideas there, but it’s hard for any game to make it other than a grind-down.

I’m having a really great time with this. Definitely prefer it to Far Cry 5. Not sure how far along I am… Think I’ll see if I can bump it to Nightmare so it doesn’t end too soon :)

… and done. Nightmare made some bits too bullet spongey so I stayed on hard. 22 hours to pacify all who needed pacifying. Very good time had :)

Not too big of a sale for Rage 2 in this steam sale, unfortunately. Hopefully during the Black Friday sale then.

33% off less than a month and a half after release isn’t that bad. :)

I am tempted, but am pretty sure I wait for all the content before getting this.

Also it looks like it got a big patch a few days ago.

Crate Improvements! Improved melee hit detection and increased visibility at night.

Hoping that melee hit detection fix includes crates having a much bigger hitbox.

Still salty about that. In a game about scrounging for stuff…

Someone has Lordkosc on ignore…



That crate hitbox shot pisses me off. Hope they fix it

Well crap, had no idea it got a patch. It’s 19.49GB in size. This aughta be good.

Wow, the new hitboxes for crates must be HUUUUUGE.

Do a melee attack anywhere, a box breaks SOMEWHERE.

Keep it going fam

Who me? Nah, I don’t ignore anyone.

I was trying to agree & expand.

Anyone finish this and want to give a overall yay or nay?

I say nay, sadly. It’s just boring and there are better games.

I liked it. I was only in it for a shooter and I thought that part was really fun.

There are always better games. It was a bit underwhelming to me. But, there were good challenges at times. 6 out of 10 for me.