Rage 2 - Bethesda and Avalanche witness me


Man, I am really really hoping Starfield is a surprise announcement at E3.


Well I enjoyed that trailer. I’ve only played Renegade Ops by Avalanche and that was a blast. Borderlands’ sea of loot, repetitive questing and floaty vehicle action never really clicked with me so Rage 2 could be a welcome alternative, even if the writing isn’t as sharp. Avalanche seem a natural fit for the IP too and my hope is that with id being on the box/advertising they’ll be overseeing the first-person gunplay at the least. I own the original Rage but still haven’t played it yet.


Quick - play it before the next one comes out.


I’m hanging on for the HD remaster.


Hell yeah, game is awesome.


Hah, I completely forgot that Renegade Ops was by Avalanche! Loved that game.


As generic as some people said the setting was, I really enjoyed RAGE’s world-building even though the interesting stuff occurs before and after the actual game itself. The ending was shit though and it felt like only half a story.

Oh, the vehicle sections were shit using the FPS engine.


Honestly, I liked the Rage 2 trailer enough to be interested in playing the original Rage now. Especially as it turned out to be the last game produced by Carmack’s iD.


Go for it, the wingstick is awesome.


Also, John Goodman actually is in this.


Its like $3 over on GMG.


Already own it, just never got around to even installing it.


Ending speculation that Beth would buy them for now.



Well that certainly SOUNDS great…


You better get ready to die! You better get ready to kill!:D




Yes I do want that very much right now please and thank you.


I’m completely up for this. I’m up for something that’s not too serious, among Metros and Laras and Dying Lights which are all so dark and edgy.