Railroad Tycoon 3 doesn't like older Radeons?

One other issue I’d like to mention. RT3 continually locks up several PC’s I own that use either a Radeon 9700 Pro or Radeon 8500. It will, however, run smooth as butter with a Geforce 3 Ti 200 or my monsta Geforce FX 5900. We are talking 3 pcs, all with different motherboards, processors and OS’s. All I did was switch the video cards and drivers. (Latest Catalysts and Detonators.) The game may work fine on newer Rad 9600’s or 9800’s, if so, please let me know.

That said, I’m playing it with the FX 5900 with everything on and it rawks! Awesome game!

(There have been 0 lockups or CTD’s or any other glitch with the Nvidia cards. What up?)

I’d wonder about the drivers. I played a beta with no troubles on a 9700, but that was with previous Catalyst drivers.

Turn off cursor acceleration (and maybe color cursors). It fixed a hanging problem for me on my ATI Radeon 9600 Pro card.

Hardware acceleration for cursors is evil for some reason.

Oh, and RRT3 doesn’t appear to save the output sound device setting. I have to change it back to A3D 2.0 every time, because for some reason, that’s the only output that doesn’t stutter on my Nforce 1 audio. :?:

It also doesn’t save the “Show Frame Rate.” I’ll try the mouse cursor thing later on today.

Just got Silver on the British Isles scenario. Saved it afterwards and will continue to play it through the ages… :D

My primary work system uses a 9700 Pro, and has for 3 months. We tested pretty thoroughly across ATIs without probs.

Well Phil, I dunno know what to tell you, because I’ve got a pretty clear cause and effect here with my 9600 Pro. Cursor Acceleration = immediate lock up of the system.