Railway Empire - Railroad Tycoon from Kalypso

Steam link.

Polygon checked it out.

Newcomers will be able to lay lines and let their trains run without worrying about bottlenecks or collisions — trains will just ghost through one another. Actually, collisions are impossible, even in the harder difficulties where rights of way must be actively managed. Trains proceeding at one another on the same line will just stop until the track is clear.[/quote]


Coming to PlayStation 4, PC and and Xbox One in late 2017.

Patrician 4
Rise of Venice
Grand Ages Medieval
Urban Empire

At best wait for reviews and a sale.

I like to think of Kalypso as well-intentioned, but not quite altogether there yet. They publish some interesting stuff, but their ambition gets ahead of their resources.


I hope Railway Empire will be as good as it looks.

I’ve said that about every Kalypso game the last couple of of years, and they never fail to disappoint.

I would love to see another railroad game that’s good. I definitely share the skepticism with Kalypso though :(

You all probably already know this but Transport Fever is a reasonable current entrant in the genre. It suffers from some problems but also improves noticeably on the earlier Train Fever from the same team. There’s good modding support and there are lots of mods too, so it’s easy to customize your experience with mostly visual and asset changes but also some key gameplay improvements.

Even so, the current $35 price point is kind of steep for what most people would probably get from it. Personally I logged 193 hours and only paid $27 or something and totally got my money’s worth, but YMMV.

You nailed it.

I know what you mean, but I hate to give up hope.

I’d say I wish Sid would take another stab at it, but the last time he did gave us Sid Meier’s Railroads. Why can’t someone make a good new edition to this series??

I’m still waiting for the day GOG gets Rails Across America

I won’t get my hopes up… too much.

Kalypso has been around for 11 years. If they were going to get there, they’d have arrived long ago.

Just an awful developer/publisher.

One of the talking points being “sabotage your opponents” doesn’t give me much optimism. And using the atom symbol for what looks like the research icon in the tool bar kind of bugs me. That seems too futuristic for an 1890’s railroad.

The Tropico series is still great fun.

my mental process:

railway empire: wow fantastic!!!
kalypso: :-( epic mental fail

That would make my motherfucking year.

Hmmmm could this turn out to not be a turd?

Does this game have any kind of randomization to the maps?

I’ve been watching Quill18’s streams of this and it seems strangely underwhelming. Well, not that strange, because that describes nearly all of Kalypso’s output, but still, it’s a modern Railroad Tycoon clone, and yet it somehow looks worse and seems clunkier than those games. I think I’d even prefer to be playing Railroads!