Railway Empire - Railroad Tycoon from Kalypso


Whoa 1.2 patch out of BETA.

Build across America!

Other highlights:

Added: Demolishing tracks and stations now gives a refund
Added: Town list overview
Added: New option to list all trains for a selected station

Still to come:


Does the town list take you to a location when you click on it? For me, having to scour the map looking for a particular city killed a lot of the enjoyment.



Also possible bugs are still in game, seems I lost a town north of Memphis in my casual testing free play game.

Ok wow is the entire America map huge. HUGE!!!

Also I don’t remember these 2 info screen options before, are they new?


Whoa that looks awesome!


I just finished the campaign and had a very tense Chapter 5. My network was a spaghetti mess. I don’t use warehouses enough.

I was merrily achieving the tasks when I realized I had neglected the needs of San Francisco. The final task was to move passengers from SF to a city across the map. Well, if the population is small there isn’t a huge number of people who want to travel to the target city. I sent my first train across to the target city and it had a whopping 3 people on it.

I took out a large loan and made a crazy connection to a beer supplier up the coast. Then I did the same for another resource. I had to get some of SF needs filled so I could grow the city. Slowly but surely their population grew but I didn’t have a lot of time. It is a long trip across the map so I made another train. It ended up having like 8 people on it.

Then I noticed there were some traffic jams so I had to quickly make some 2 lane areas to get rid of the backups. I was in my final year and I made a couple more trains for the trip. I needed 4 more people with my train approaching the target city in the beginning of December. I was hoping the damn thing wouldn’t have a random breakdown because that would screw me over. The cargo unloaded and I got the victory screen.

This is a pretty darn fun game. Thanks to @lordkosc for bringing it to my attention.


I played a sandbox game using the entire USA map - the one where there are still costs, not the one with unlimited money. It was pretty enjoyable. The game gives a bunch of goals to reach by certain years. Getting them gives you a better rating at the end. It felt like they were randomly generated, but maybe they stay consistent.

I played against 3 AI at normal difficulty and just rolled them. I ended up buying them all out well before the end of the game, so I could just build where I wanted to after that. I ended up connecting all cities to my network. Once a city gets advanced enough it doesn’t seem like 1 large station is enough to keep it fed with all the goods it wants. Maybe my network was just too inefficient because it was hard to keep it from becoming a spaghetti mess. I kept trying to solve traffic jams.Since the tracks are represented wide proportional to the map itself, placement becomes the greatest challenge.

The game gives different data to track, but it always felt I had so much I needed to do that concentrating on a small thing like the wait time of a single train seemed out of place. Maybe it becomes more relevant when playing a smaller scenario at a higher difficulty. I didn’t need to really try to optimize my routes, like using dedicated passenger routes with dining cars. I didn’t really pay much attention to what research items I selected or hiring employees in general. Still, it was fun to have the entire map to work with - but the more focused challenges of the scenarios may make for a better game.

@lordkosc, do you know how to interpret the express mail table on the city details window? It lists columns like +passengers per week, and some percentages - but the numbers don’t make a lot of sense to me. I was assuming the percentages represent what % of the passengers your line is satisfying. Also, if a passenger wants to get to a city several cities away, will they ride to one city and then transfer to another train by waiting at that station?


That has me excited to get into it when I’m done with my current game obsession.


I just tried the first scenario in The East and had a great time losing. I could see where maybe I need to focus more of my resources to meet the task that I failed on (delivering 100 dresses by a certain date). I’m not sure I’m doing a good job eliminating bottlenecks in my stations. Maybe I can improve by assigning specific tracks more frequently. I did start putting in bypasses around cities.

@lordkosc, have you tried the scenarios yet (not the campaign)? What do you think about them.


@robc04 I did try one of them out west, its mostly randomized objectives from what I could tell. I got the achievement for using a diesel train, which made me happy. :)


I’m glad you guys are posting about this. Tempting! I haven’t been obsessed with a train game since Train Fever. (For whatever reason didn’t get into Transport Fever. I think I’d just had enough of the engine, so to speak.) For me the choice would be this game or Mashinky.

My impression is that Railway Empire is more about competition against other railroads, whereas Mashinky (like Train Fever) is more about just building your own rail network. Is that a fair description?


I haven’t played Train Fever or Mashinky, so I can’t compare them. It is true that Railway Empire has other companies to compete against, but I can’t say I’ve focused on them. I usually am doing my own this, focusing on the objectives for that scenario. I do occasionally buy other companies out though. Sometimes the chatter from the AI companies is a little annoying.


Thanks. Railway Empire sure looks pretty, and that does count for something. I also like that it uses real geography, not procedurally-generated maps. It’s neat seeing the Chesapeake Bay in screenshots, for example. I’ve started “following” it on Steam; if the price drops below the current $50, I might take the plunge.


It is sub $40 at a bunch of places.

It’s sub $30 atcdkeys.com


Thanks! I didn’t realize that. Tempting.


1.3 Patch

Glad to see this:

We have added steel and stone bridges. These will be shown when tracks reach a specific height.


I am not sure why, but I still can’t figure out the interface for this game. I just tried again and trains don’t move when I expect them to, and then I reach point where the tutorial wants me to do something, but I can’t.

Stations appear to act as signals, as they should, but I had a train just sit there waiting for the line to clear as the other train passed through multiple stations and signals. The line couldn’t have been more clear.

And then it was telling me to connect Cheyenne to the timber and cotton manufacturers just north of the city. To connect both where it’s showing to be put a station I had to build a large, 4 track station, which seems odd. But then for some reason I cannot get a train traveling between the two anyway.

I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I have tried to follow the tutorial. I have read through the tips, but it just isn’t clicking with me. I suppose I could find a streamer, but last I looked, there wasn’t much on Youtube.


Tom streamed this game for over 2 hours tonight!


Mexico DLC is out, adds a night mode as well!

This song not included. :(


Or this song.


The game is really great. The only thing I don’t like about it is the pace of development and income is too fast.


I agree. Most of the time I ignore it for a while and then research a whole bunch of things at once.