Railway Empire - Railroad Tycoon from Kalypso


I am just put off by the DLC. It is better to wait until they have a complete package and then purchase.


I enjoyed the main game but only got half way thru it before something shiny distracted me. Back then I said its a solid game and at 50% I’d suggest getting it to anyone. :)

Also holding off on the DLCs , thats just more stuff to play after you finish the main game anyway. No rush to get it.


The problem with the game is it becomes a chore later on managing and doing track layout. It needs some QoL love.


I held off for now. Only so much a mortal man can play.

There will be other sales… Winter is coming…


Trains headed to Europe next!


I just picked up Railroad Tycoon 3 on GOG for $2.50.

I’ve never played a train game before!

…well, except for briefly trying Transarctica back in the day, but only for the kickass cover art.


Whoa! Whatever’s in the box, it must be awesome!



What was in the box wasn’t nearly as good as what was on it, as you can see by this YouTube video:

But that was 25 years ago.


Does the GOG version of RT3 run? Because the Steam version kind of does not, at least not on a modern x64 OS.


I was able to get Steam RT3 to run. You have to disable TnL hardware which is on by default. I remember running it with help from some guide on Steam.

I’m debating getting Railway Empire, but I heard the tracklaying and switch managing was more complex than needed to be. And there was no middle road (i saw that it does have an easy mode one track multiple ghost trains etc)… not sure I like spending hours on switch design.


Yes, it does.


If I remember correctly, the GOG version of RT3 comes packaged with a bunch of the fixes already applied and so can be played right out of the box. Whereas with the Steam version you have to put the legwork in to apply the fixes yourself before playing the game.


It’s not more complex that it needs to be… it’s just more annoying than it needs to be.


I agree 100%.


Someone needs to remake Rails Across America


God, yes!


Man, I cannot figure out the economic aspect of Railroad Tycoon 2 or 3 to save my life.

They give a hand holding “move the mouse to the edge to scroll” for tutorial for the train building part, but then in the economic stocks/bonds parts, it’s like they assume you’re already a real life day trader and just tell you where buttons are located. What the heck does this stuff do? o_O


interesting development. They released a beta patch that creates an add-on to your large train stations that will change loco behavior. They’ll automatically use the station slot that is least busy or currently accessible and also make maintenance quicker and more efficient. This is also an upgrade available to warehouses as well.

Could take a bit of the annoyance away, we’ll see.


That and 1830.


That seems like a good idea.