Railway Empire - Railroad Tycoon from Kalypso

It’s okay, we always tell ourselves that.

Warehouses were separate buildings in the original. This made my track network insane, so giving stations a warehouse helps. They did have the 6 item limit.

They were definitely separate to begin with. But there were lots of changes to the game post-launch and I remember there was a reworking of warehouses at some point. Just don’t remember if that included bringing them into the stations/cities.

One of my all time favorites (in fact my base game is from the original run when it was Railroad Tycoon), and the western US map is genuinely one of the best designed maps for any train based board game.

No. Warehouses stayed seperate but there was an option to build stations and warehouses with a pre-made signalling setup so the trains would automatically select a platform to arrive at. They came with 4 tracks and it was possible to traverse into any platform through the multiple sets of points. They did take a lot of space though.

Are water towers still a facility on the track or can trains refill at a station? I’m really hoping for the latter!

They are still on the tracks. Water oil and sand are separate resources (I think this is new).

Thank you. I’ll admit I really dislike them on tracks. I do wonder if the gridiron feature I saw allows for passing loops around water towers.

Probably when the first DLC drops, I’ll pick this up. Game still looks great!

What is the Gridiron in the game? I looked it up but can not find anything on it (I havent purchased the game yet so cant watch the tutorials).

Its a building you place across the tracks near a station to allow trains to select any line at the station.

Thanks, @robc04

Gridirons are tied to stations but there’s nothing stopping you from making a loop/siding manually .

Wow, second chapter is a lot harder.

And the DLC for the first game I found that objectives can be pretty tight

After the initial trouble it didn’t end up being too hard, save for the very final goal (balance over 50k). It was just that the start of the scenario throws a bunch of new challenges all at once - much higher engine costs, lots of npc track and stations blocking your way, awkward preplaced lines, fewer of each resource available. That in turn means your early moves store up trouble for later that need to be reworked at some point at great expense.

I’ve watched some of Adekyn’s Youtube videos on the new game. Hard to say, but I’m not seeing a lot there to justify $50. There are improvements to be sure and the game looks gorgeous, but a lot of it plays like the old game. Since I still have DLC unplayed from the first game I may stick with that and get this on a sale. Unless you guys really think the new game has a lot more to offer.

Is there a way to add additional parallel lines after you have been running awhile? I want to added dedicated Express line but it will not auto build like it does when you first lay down the original two tracks.

If you’ve still got stuff to play from the first one, sure, go for it. I’m on Game Pass so I might as well play the new one, but yeah, shelling out $50 might not be worth it.

Things I’m still unclear on/dislike:

Constant breakdowns even with maintenance stations in place on routes. I guess I need to raise the maintenance threshold, but the calibration seems off.

Seems like you only get a connection bonus if the goods go direct to a city, not to a warehouse station.

No way I can see to filter/sort routes by station. Alphabetical helps a bit, but not much.

It’s very opaque why some short track construction results in a low max speed, particularly when exiting a station straight.

Engine replacement could be a lot clearer, ie showing you a list of routes that are affected.

Maybe I’m missing it, but there doesn’t seem to be a one click “conform this track to the terrain, regardless of gradient” option, as I recall there being in the last game.

Maximum train line name length is stupidly short

I found this annoying too. I will say that there is research that helps with Maintenance which seems to stop the minor breakdowns a bit.

I am trying to put a letter indicator at the beginning of the Route Name to help me a bit (x for express, m = mixed, f = freight). Helps a little bit.

I didnt realize that. Seems to defeat the purpose of using Warehouses. Pay a cost to be more efficient? I would have thought the opposite that having goods in supply would be a boost to getting items to its destination.

It’s the major breakdowns that are killing me.