Railway Empire - Railroad Tycoon from Kalypso


If I remember correctly, clicking on the game’s title in your Steam Library brings up the option to play the beta.


Thanks. Found the issue. Steam settings were preventing participation in betas.


Adekyn has a website with links to his videos along with strategy articles and tips on how to play. Looks like some good stuff here: http://railwayempireboardroom.webs.com/


That is a nice website.

I’m in the 2nd chapter and getting pretty frustrated with signal watching his video helped understand where to put the signals. I still find it a mystery why not double track Baltimore and Washington and why make direct connections to everything.

Also I can’t figure out how to edit my train schedules.

Still, first impression are it is a worthy successor to the better versions of Railroad tycoon, with a number of nice new features and the graphics are a big step up from the old game.


Yep, this is my mess in Chapter 2, I’ve restarted it 4 times now. :p

Tried doubling the length of the switch track, now more trains get stuck!


Damn you people!


One thing I’ve learned so far is that you need to put switches far enough apart so a full length train can fit between them. Don’t forget that the supply building acts as a switch as well.


Its a surprisingly good looking game, also I am just messing around in free mode now, as I need to get better at setting up routes.


FWIW I also love the look of the game, and it’s fun and challenging so far.


Is this going to be in the same league as the Railroad Tycoon games? The screenshots sure are pretty.


Dunno for sure, but I am enjoying it.

I printed the english version of this signal guide with pics, I mean sure you can play easy mode with no signals but that takes the fun out of it.


Most important is this photo, where the signals are placed, in the tutorial/1st chapter they do a very poor job of trying to show this correct placement:


I think so.

Like most folks, on the forum I’ve been pretty meh about the Claypso remakes of Tropico etc. Mostly because there was so little new or improved.

Soren Johnson formula for sequels is one part new, one part old, and one part improved.

In the old category, there is very little changed from the Railroad Tycoon economy, A few industries have been changed but other than that not much, The economy is slightly more transparent.

In the new category, you research both new engines and new modest improvements. It is not particularly exciting or innovative tech tree but I do think it presents some interesting choices. The addition of engineers, conductors, and other personal is more flavor than a significant game element but fun.

Besides the obvious improvements, graphics, a much better method for laying track, a generally improved UI.
The biggest improvement is in the operation of trains. In RR Tycoon and even most of the remakes, switches and such were abstracted. In this game you have 4 tracks (max) going into a station and no two trains (which are many miles long) can occupy.the same track simultaneously. It is your job to use all the tools, switches, parallel tracks, warehouses etc. to make that happen.

So far I’m enjoying the challenge albeit a bit frustrating at times.


The only thing I have found that is somewhat disappointing so far is that it’s not possible to play on the entire US map at one time. From the FAQ:

Will it be possible to play the whole American continent right from the start, or when unlocking all states?

The campaign spans the entirety of the USA, separated into large and detailed sections (e.g. East Coast, Southern States, etc). It will not be possible to play on one map that encompasses the complete landmass of the USA, though.

At this point I don’t find it to be a big deal as the sections feel quite large with plenty of play on each one. Maybe someone will mod it at some point or they will decide to make a DLC that encompasses the whole country.


That does sound cool, thanks!


That’s definitely the same graphics engine as Grand Ages Medieval (it’s the same developer). Here’s hoping that this game isn’t the utter shitpile GAM was.

I mean…they screwed up a medieval city builder/trading game. I thought only Firefly could do that.


When I watch Adekyn’s videos and he is laying track he has an elevation overlay that shows contours. Anyone know how to turn that on? Can’t find anything about it anywhere.


I tend to play anything she does. Her videos can makes games I have no interest in be things I think I should be playing right now.


One steam poster points out that the AI runs single track w/o collisions. That sort of AI cheat on its own wouldn’t bother me too much but they also say this means that when you buy AI companies their track layouts need to be massively upgraded- how big of a problem is that?


Options >>> Gameplay >>> Contour Lines
should do the trick. Its right at the bottom of the gameplay options.
The contours turn on when you’re laying track and then disappear during normal gameplay.


Thanks mprod! Don’t know how I missed it.