Railway Empire - Railroad Tycoon from Kalypso


When I watch Adekyn’s videos and he is laying track he has an elevation overlay that shows contours. Anyone know how to turn that on? Can’t find anything about it anywhere.


I tend to play anything she does. Her videos can makes games I have no interest in be things I think I should be playing right now.


One steam poster points out that the AI runs single track w/o collisions. That sort of AI cheat on its own wouldn’t bother me too much but they also say this means that when you buy AI companies their track layouts need to be massively upgraded- how big of a problem is that?


Options >>> Gameplay >>> Contour Lines
should do the trick. Its right at the bottom of the gameplay options.
The contours turn on when you’re laying track and then disappear during normal gameplay.


Thanks mprod! Don’t know how I missed it.


Ok this is going to be a good game after finishing the 1st Chapters of the campaign, I want to play more.


Damn you, CDKeys. I could have bought this from GMG for the same price and be playing it right now!


Guys, hurry up and get to the other side of the Chick parabola so you can convince me not to buy this.


I keep expecting the other shoe to drop on this, but hope it doesn’t of course. It’s confusing because the screenshots for the game and those posted just don’t seem to say it’s as deep and with as many options as RRT2 & 3.

Any of you playing this played Train/Transport Fever?


The buzz around this has me also looking at Mashinsky, I’d be interested in comparisons to that too.


Nope, sorry.


People in reviews talk of it being a console port…that scares me

also, shaloow, quick gameplay on smallish maps…not enough ‘meat’ to the game

but damn, it sure does look good


I have to say that much of the challenge in the game involves figuring out where to place signals. Once that is mastered it is possible that other side of the parabola might occur.

Signals can be rage quit level frustration but also cool when they work well.

Its been more than a decade since I played RR2 or 3, IIRC 3 wasn’t much of an improvement.

That said I don’t think there are any major features that RRT2 has, that Railway empire doesn’t have. I started a scenario in Freemode. Basically the 2nd chapter of the campaign with a choice of cities, difficulties etc. (The rest of the campaign is locked for Beta but not for the Press.)

I was pleasantly surprised to see a list of 20+ objectives (random?) for the scenario. There was a wide variety of things, from how many stations, length of lines, profits from cattle. mail revenue, buying a competitor. I feel pretty confident that it will keep the game fresh. Assuming the game comes with 20 or so maps.

I really don’t have any problem with the size of the game. For me in RR tycoon once I hit 30-40 trains I got overwhelmed with the complexity. You’ll definitely be able to run 50 plus trains and connect scores of cities and resource.

The game still needs lot of polish. Track laying is terrific, but train management is really bad. (I still haven’t figured out how to reroute a train once it is placed.) Also things like a overview of your cities.

I haven’t played Transport Fever, but did play some other transport games. The emphasis is on the economy more than developing a transportation network, so it lags a lot of the features of those games.

But at $32, this weekend at GMG, I think it is money well spent.


The thing that I really love about RT3 is that cargo moves around the map by itself trying to move from areas with supply and low prices to areas with demand and high prices. It’s such a huge step forward that I don’t think I’ll ever play another railroad game that doesn’t work like that.


Transport Fever does this in an abstract way too.


Thanks. I’ll have to check that out.


Goods do get supplied to cities on the map automatically, via wagon. But the cities will take forever to grow. The overview screens show you where supply and demand are needed. So you can set up train routes that will make a profit. :)

See , no trains but wheat still be sent to the cities!

Another location where I have trains set up, production is up at the wheat farm, and cities are getting demand met.

This farm is sending 100% of its sugar to Washington via wagon.

This logging camp is sending almost 55% of its output by train now. And so it produces more since demand in cities is high.

The game has city charts showing demand, which is affected by population. Some goods are not wanted at all yet.

Also I found Native Americans!

Been mostly messing around on the East Coast, map sizes are satisfactory. :p

8 hours so far spent with this game, still on the good side of the chick parabola.


Nice. This might work for me. And it’s always good to see lots of graphs in any business game.


I’ve only seen it at $42 on GMG. Is there a coupon somewhere?


I checked and the GMG coupon is gone now.

Seems Humble has it for $38 if you are monthly subscriber.