Railway Empire - Railroad Tycoon from Kalypso

Mostly satisfying. Heh. Oh my.

No competitive multiplayer means little to no interest for me. There are so many interesting, competitive train board games, why are there so few on PC?

I have not purchased this one because it looks ever so slightly off. Quill made Urban Empires look okay and we know what a dud that was. I dodged a bullet not buying that one and RE will have to get some good reviews before I will purchase it, especially for a premium price.

I watched a couple different Let’s Play videos of this and thought the presentation looked pretty slick. Laying track and most of the rest of the UI interaction all seemed pretty well thought out. Whether that translates to the rest of the game being good, I have no idea. Those videos left me with more hope than I came into them with.

A friend of mine bought the EA version directly from Steam for $42. I thought he was nuts, but after watching him play it for about an hour, I decided I would get it myself. $42 still seemed beyond the pale, however.

Shopping around I found it at CDKeys.com for $30. Still high fo a early access title, but having seen it in action and knowing it’s only 3 weeks away from release (or so) I bit the bullet.

Paid the man my $30 and went to the download link only to find…

“This product is a Pre-Order, it will be available here on or slightly before the release date of 26th January 2018”

where my key should be.


Without the key you can’t play the beta. This is one time you should have bitten the bullet and paid full price for the game from Steam. Then if you decided you didn’t like Railway Empire, you could have gotten a refund.

I know this because I pre-ordered it from Steam.

I’ve never refunded a game on Steam. If you pre-order and play say the alpha and beta, are they only counting the hours from v1.0, basically release, for refunds?

Yep, as far as I am aware you can get a refund anytime.

I realize that. I just assumed that because the beta is available through Steam, I would get a key.

Huh. I was put off buying it by watching his videos.

Well, remember the game is abysmal. That Quill made it even moderately entertaining is an improvement over the baseline steaming pile it really is.

Yeah I am super on the fence regarding this, even with the $31 gmg offer I just got in an email.

The chance for a turd is still possible. :(

Did some DD and discovered this is the 6th game from the developer.


I watched this recent stream, and it does look pretty decent.

That train ride cam, such a gimmick, yet I wants it.

I love train games! If there’s zombie DLC I will buy day one.

I know you’re joking, but a post apoc transportation game where you have to defend your supply lines would be kind of… interesting.

Not joking! Train Simulator on Steam had two different zombie DLCs released. Now I’ll admit that neither was all that great, but I had to try them out, and I would buy any new stuff released no questions asked.

Watching KoS Civil War play thru is making it hard to resist.

Wow, thanks for the heads up. I am in. I like Kalypso ,mostly, and I really like the look of this!

Is this game, Mashinky and Transport Fever basically the same type of game? Is this the best one?

I’m leery of kalypso, and worried more generally this is the type of game that vids well for me and then plays not so well.

Have to say after watching some vids it looks pretty good to me. I loved the RR Tycoon games so this is tempting me. So many games, so little time…