Railway Empire - Railroad Tycoon from Kalypso

Thanks for that additional input. I guess I can live w/o the economy piece of running a railroad, but it does somehow feel odd given every railroad game at least in some way is always going to be compared to Tycoon.

But hey, I can adapt. The question then is, what’s the rough ETA for existing EA?

I don’t know. it seems like it’s got to be close though. It’s entirely playable and stable right now.

I played this a bit yesterday. So far I’ve only observed that the trains stop an wait for each other. The focus is more on building out the supply lines. I think it is possible to manually make more tracks, but the stations have only had two rail nodes so far. I like it so far; it feels a lot cleaner than Railway Empire, more puzzly (in a good way). I think I’ll en up playing both, but for now I enjoy the less cluttered Railroad Corporation. Railway Empire has much meatier railway network-building.

Time to visit the continent where @krayzkrok lives.


But only a specific South East portion of Australia, so it would be interesting to me if they came back to explore other parts of Australia or made a map of the whole continent spanning from coast to coast. The new settlement feature seems rather interesting though. Wonder if they’ll incorporate that into any future DLC going forwards or create some new sandbox maps which utilise the mechanic

Yeah thats only like half of Australia! What the heck!

So on the one hand, I’m really intrigued by this game, it’s nice to get back to a Railroad-Tycoon like experience and from a look/feel perspective this is the best one I’ve found in decades.

On the other, certain aspects of the interface are just completely baffling. I have no idea, for example, how to add a second train to an existing line - is that even possible? For that matter, I’ve got a line between two cities that nominally has stops at several resource nodes but never picks up anything from them and I can’t figure out why. The tutorial is pretty limited, maybe I just need a good guide? Any suggestions for new player resources?

The train itself is the line, the tracks are just there to connect the stations.
So just issue a new train, tell it to go between 2 stations and it will as long as there is no conflict on the track setup. Add crossovers and signaling to allow for multiple trains on a given track.

This might help, its a bit old but still covers the basics:

Regarding the trains not picking stuff up at certain stations, did you specify what the train should load at that station?

Thanks! It’s a testament to how much I want to like this game that I’m willing to wade through hour-long videos for nuggets of useful information. I miss written guides with searchable text. :(

No, I’m still on the first mission so I’ve just been using auto-loading. I figured when the train wasn’t otherwise full it would grab stuff from those intermediate nodes that there was demand for, but it doesn’t seem to.

Do you have the train actually stopping at the intermediate nodes or going straight through?

Are you sure there’s demand for the goods at the end of the line? Cities demand more different types of goods as they grow larger; small early cities barely want anything.

The stops are on the rail line (as in, I clicked each of them as I was setting it up), is there something else I need to do?

I mean, one of the cities is a meat producer and the stop in question is cattle, I thought that was an obvious thing to set up but it never picks any up.

That all sounds correct. There’s a maximum amount the city will accept. Does it have loads of cattle already?

Not from trains, anyway. I know there’s some measure of local transit (right?) but that would be it.

The train in question only really seems to be interested in running between the two endpoint cities. It sometimes stops at the resource nodes but never picks anything up.

Edit: Having watched LK’s videos, it’s pretty clear that I was just drastically overcrowding a single trunk line. I need a separate spur for those resource nodes and it should be fine.

OK, I grouse about video a lot, but this one (I’m watching the first of the ones you posted) really is crazy useful. Thanks again!

I reinstalled, and gave it a test run , here is how you set up what you want picked up at each station:

Thanks LK, I was unaware of that whole menu basically until I saw it in the video you posted. I appreciate all the help!

Its really a great game. :)

I believe you, the interface is just a wee bit counterintuitive for me. I’m figuring it out, though!

So what’s the deal with the DLC? Does it just add more maps or is there more to it?

Counterintuitive is the nicest possible way to describe that interface. I usually describe it with an hour’s worth of cussing.

I bounced off it hard on the Xbox. Take that counter intuitiveness and map it to a controller!

I bounced it off a few times, but found if I altered “Rail Network” to allow trains to pass each other (and just imagine there are signals, etc) the game was more fun for me. From the manual:

“This setting has very wide-reaching consequences for the games: if you choose “easy”, all your trains can pass through each other without ever triggering a conflict. However, if you choose “complex”, each track section can only ever be traveled on by one train. Your trains will be forced to wait for each other, and you will not be able to get around setting up switches,
sidings, and signals to avoid conflicts.”