Railway Empire - Railroad Tycoon from Kalypso

I notice that sometimes the trains do not repair even though there is a Maint Shop.

Like, WTF. Every one of those has at least one maintenance station on its route, often at every stop.

Apparently adding a Caboose aids in Maintenances issues (I thought it was only the crew satisfaction).

Does anyone know what this does on the Maint Shop Screen:

I am using a Custom Game set in the Great Plains to teach myself. I find it a bit easier since it is flat and a little more open. I try something out than restart - which is helping me a bit to get my mind around things.

Lumber is probably the biggest issue in the Great Plans (to help grow a city). It makers me wonder how many locations can one resource point supply? I do not see anyway to improve resource output.

I would assume it sets all the maintenance sheds to have the same maintenance limit. What does the tooltip say?

If you click on the farm, there’s a button to “resize industry” or something like that.


Not sure what this means. Do Trains that originate usually get repaired at their original Station and this spreads it out?

I could be wrong, but I believe the way it’s supposed to work is that if a train stops at (maybe passes through?) a station and its condition is below the limit, it gets serviced. So this means you can change the threshold at one station and have it apply everywhere.

You can build a Maintenance Post which protects a wide range of tracks from breakdowns. I guess if you have high traffic in part of the network might be worth it


I cannot find this but maybe it has to be researched

Hmmm I guess I have to buy the business first? I realized I do not own the Lumber Company.

Oh, yes, you would definitely have to buy the business. And it’s quite expensive to upgrade it. I expect that businesses you don’t own will upgrade themselves over time, but I haven’t tested.

I wish there was a simple way to tag certain tracks as express or freight. I find the waypoint system a bit tedious. Also that we could color code the rails so we know at a glance which are being used as which.

It seems that one supply point is good enough? I placed Warehouise at each station and lumber is moving around the network automatically from station to station. The resource says it is maxed out because needs are filled so (it lowers production). I am probably mistaken as I cannot see why the need for materials would level out?

I just learned that you can only build two station extensions. I was trying to build hotels, warehouses in a circle but sometimes you want a Maintenance Shop too. Didn’t realize I couldn’t have all three at a station if I need to. This is terrible!


Ha ha! ; )

I was thinking the solution might be a couple of the Maintenance Posts.

Yeah, this isn’t really viable long term because of the extension limit (not to mention the six good limit. For my current game I’ve put warehouses mainly in a handful of “hub” stations close to several raw materials, which send out direct trains to the remaining stations and then occasionally in remoter parts but where they are one stop away from several cities. Still probably not the best way for end game but it’s working so far. Haven’t experimented much with RE1 style “external” warehouses yet.

Found this in a different context, but it seems to confirm that only cities form “connections”.

In the Great Plains having a stand alone Station/Warehouse makes sense since there are a lot of resources with fewer cities.

I did run into the problem of trying to send Iron to a warehouse in a city but it is always empty. Not sure if there is no need in the first city the iron will not get picked up? I thought if I made the Warehouse accept Iron it would travel. Than again i suppose the location is very small not really a city and they may play into the equation as well.

Warehouses will only request goods if there is a route from them to another city which demands them. They are basically transfer nodes, not storage.

I stumbled on the contour toggles under the “i” additional overlays in the upper left. Track flow is also buried up there. Both are super helpful. I was getting stuck routing from Pittsburgh to New York on the first map. The contour map worked well.

Station gridiron is the improvement I like the best followed by the autosignalling. Makes it much easier to setup 2 or 4 lane routes. Redoing funky layouts seems more expensive in RE2 than RE1.