Rain, woo hoo!

Sorry for sounding like a Kansas farmer, but mother nature has just terminated 40 straight days of 100+ F degree weather with a Texas-sized thunderstorm. I feel like running through the streets barefoot, this is so awesome.

Damn, we needed this.

It’s also raining up in Dallas. Even though people drive like morons in the rain, it’s still great.

What does that mean? Here in Minnesota, I’ve discovered it means that any minor drizzle means you can not drive faster than 5 mph, basically doubling commute times.

Same thing, basically. Texas is full of people who like to drive fast, except when it rains. Took me half again as long to get to work today (1.5 hrs), but snow would have doubled the commute time. And then you get the bozo who has to drive recklessly, cause an accident, and screw things up even worse.

I miss rain.

Wobble some cardboard to simulate thunder, set a strobe on long delay for lightning, and hold a watering can over your head.

Or not. That all sounds stupid.

I feel the same way. No rain here in Victoria basically all summer. I can’t remember the last time it rained. Months ago.

I am one of those sick people that likes a good rainstorm. Be glad when I move back to Vancouver. The rain here is light drizzle when it happens, almost never torrential.

I had to drive up to Austin last week and I could not believe how dry it was. I’ve been really glad to have had the rain we’ve been getting in Houston. I’ve hardly had to water my lawn this summer. I went outside today and didn’t even break into a sweat before getting the car cooled down. I was amazed.

Vegas freeways are Instant Parking Lot (just add water).

I made the smart choice and had a sprinkler system installed back on August 1st just in time for it to really heat up. It has been keeping my yard perfectly green while all the neighbors’ yards are dead. It is well worth the $400 water bill to piss off my “I am better then you all as I have the bigger house on the smallest lot, but it’s a nicer yard” asshole neighbor. I win. He looses.

My weather station in my back yard says we got .35inches today here outside of Austin. Just enough for me to test the rain sensor on the sprinkler works.

I was under the impression your water bill was $400/mo. even before you installed the sprinkler system. I think we had this discussion last year, in which I was whining about how my water bill went from $20 to $30 after they did the community water thing at my apartment complex, and then you proceeded to blow my [email protected]#$ing mind by casually mentioning that your monthly waterbill was more than 10x that.

I win. He looses.

What does he loose? An arrow?

You need rain? I’ll be happy to send you Ernesto the next two days…

You understood and remember wrong fool (or perhaps I explained wrong). In my part of the world, the electric bill and water bill are seperate. When you add them together, they normally come to around $400-$450. My water bill is usually around $200 alone, which is indeed 10x your regular $20.


holy crap. are you making some kind of bog habitat in your back yard?

are you using tap water to power a backyard fountain? you know that they make pumps to recirculate the water, instead of just letting it all run down the drain, right?

Quit confusing me with all these shiny numbers! Did you pay an extra $200 for water this month on account of the sprinkler system?

But that would use electricity coming from a non-renewable resource!

It’s awfully nice of him to replenish the water table for the rest of Texas, though.

Yep. That’s what happens when it’s set to run every day for 2 weeks after installation to make sure the grass they replanted over the trenches doesn’t die before it takes root again. That and I wanted a super green yard during the hottest and driest month of the year. You’ve seen my yard. It’s very pretty. :)

Back to the subject at hand. Yes, thank god it rained. Now my water bill should become more normal.

It’s crazy driving into work today (Austin TX). I think the people were en masse frightened by the spectacle of water falling from the sky. The news was bemusedly pointing out how the accidents being reported were neatly following along with the rain front hitting the area.