Rainbow 6 4 players?

Ok so I select multiplayer I have 4 xbox icons but I can only play 2 players on one xbox system?? Could the back of the box be more confusing. It says 1-2 players 2-4 coop 1-4 over xbox live 1-16 over system link. So the end question is how many guys can I play on one xbox?

2, splitscreen

This is a problem I’m noticing with all big next gen games. GOW, This, What’s the point of 4 controllers if you can ever only use 2. Sure there’s Fusion Frenzy 2 but I’m talking about games people actually want to play. I wouldn’t have such a problem if,
A. The back of box was clear
B. When I go to multiplayer split screen and I see 4 possible control icons, I am going to assume 4 players can play.

Am I the only one bothered by this?

Worms and marvel UA are 4 player, so is gauntlet and turtles arcade. I’d assume some sports games as well. Werent most console games 2 players on 1 system last gen as well?

On the sports game topic, I know that NCAA Football 07 for the 360 only allows two players, one against the other. Playing cooperative is not possible.

It’s definitely a step back, and one I’m very much unhappy with.

thats retarded, all team sports games should allow as many players as possible.

Nope, you’re not the only one Shieldwolf. It really kills one of the big strengths of the Xbox line, which is multiplayer splitscreen with friends. I hate this lack of 4 player splitscreen. It’s just laziness on the part of developers.

GRAW multiplayer graphics were toned down for this and it works fine. I think the development houses are to blame.