Rainbow Six Extraction (formerly Quarantine) co-op PvE

Initially revealed at E3 2019, this has been rename and retooled.

The more COOP PVE the better…just tired of single player games after playing them for 40 years…nice to have a teen to play these games with when my old geezer friends are done with gaming…boomers.

Interesting that the bad guys went from this:

To this:

Looks right up my alley, but I feel like I would be at a huge disadvantage given that I haven’t played R6.

I also have no idea what the R6 community is like, but it’s probably way too toxic for coop.

Here’s what the real game looks like.

I really thought this was out already, lol.

Jan 2022 now.

Just announced as coming to Xbox/PC Game Pass on launch.

2 more days till release, and I really haven’t followed this. Glad its going to Gamepass.

After my disappointment with Back 4 Blood, Battlefield 2042 and Anacrusis , maybe RS: Extraction will be fun?

I like the grouping to fight Aliens type of setting. The E3 trailer reminded me a little bit of a team shooter version of XCOM.

Yeah, the whole Rainbow Six thing was never on my radar at all, but this aspect looks kind of fun. And since it’s on Game Pass what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.

Pumped for this. Loved a lot of the older R6 games. This looked too much like a L4D game when I first saw it months ago but now watching some vids, it’s a shooter but with tactical elements for sure and the need to bring certain operators like the Doc and others for certain mission types with 13 of them for a decent amount of variety.

I love that it’s not just 3 only… and if you are solo or duo, it does not add bots but lowers enemy counts and things like that. So, can play with my kiddo or solo before bed without having to deal with randos.

Yikes. Ubi could be looking at a massive flop

Like almost every foray into Multiplayer games they’ve tried to make us buy, so far!

Well, the review makes it sound like they didn’t put much resources into it, so pretty much any revenue will be gravy.

Basically, his verdict is “Already on Game Pass? Sure. Why not? Full price purchase? Ehh…”

Game Pass is perfect for this. I read one ok review where the dude said it’s a game that you can come back to off and on to do a run…like Deep Rock Galactic for me and the kid. Deep Rock is a really good game but we only do runs occasionally but hopefully this will be fun enough for that kind of occasional play.

That was The Bureau: XCom Declassified. It got panned, but I enjoyed it for what it was.

Is it at all viable/fun solo? The Division was surprisingly OK, and even better with a pick-up group, but I get the impression that the mainline Rainbow Six games are absolutely not playable that way.

I’m wondering the same. Back 4 Blood turned out to be sooooo bad in solo play.