Rainbow six rogue spear

I had never played one of these do picked this one up cheaply to give it a try. Granted I’m only four missions into it, but I don’t see the appeal. It’s a squad based game, but the ai of your squad is so bad it’s almost unplayable. In the Kosovo mission, the one that has about made me give up on the game, I have repeatedly watched the teams all die. The team in front of us walks in front of a stairway and all crouch down. One gets shot, the next takes his place. At no point do they look up the stairs, even though that’s where they are supposed to go next. So I guess I’m asking, what is the big deal about these games? Why did the review so well?

Is there detailed planning before the action starts like in the first one? I’ve been out of the Rainbow 6 loop.

You really have to compare it with what was out at the time, not what’s currently available. Besides, most of the appeal behind the R6 games was the multiplayer capabilities.

And Jazar, yes there is detailed mission planning.

Hell yeah. Two words. 747 Level. That thing fuckin’ rocked on multiplayer.