Rainbow Six Siege players can rest easy. Strip club decor will still be in the game.


Ubisoft is reversing course on cosmetic changes to Rainbow Six Siege. Earlier in the month, Ubisoft had announced that they were making some minor aesthetic adjustments to the game to conform to the Asian market’s censorship rules. Images of skulls, map assets like slot machines and pole dancer signs, and objectionable interface icons were all being removed or swapped with less culturally offensive alternatives. This did not sit well with current fans. A review-bombing campaign resulted in accusations of Ubisoft “pandering” to censors or even facilitating China’s draconian government.

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Good call.

The less kowtowing to China™ the better.


Do you think dickbutt would offend Chinese sensors? I mean, it has timeless elegance and charm, like the art of calligraphy.


The chinese market is a huge magnet for companies, but working with the totalitarian state could means restricting the freedom of the artist to about more than our cultures require.

By proxy, our own cultural products gets censored by the chinese totalitarian state. And thats bad.

I don’t know if we can avoid this, because is pure raw market forces.


I think the appropriate thing to do is have the “bad stuff” unlocked by a switch which the consumer can’t touch…

except make it easily breakable.

oh my ooops!