Rainbow Six Siege


Please play this on PC.

14.99 “Starter Edition”

Grind like a beast or buy boosters with real money to grind R6 Credits faster.


240 hours of grinding to get all of the original operators assuming you use the 600 credits to buy two more right at the start. That sounds like a recipe for success if I’ve ever heard one.

Oh, and 240 more hours for the season pass operators. Double sold.


That’s why it is called a “Starter Edition” selling at a reduced price.



I like the idea. Finally a price I can check it out at.


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Also a free weekend for PC players , gotta use the ubi store to download it.


Good news for people still playing this. Year 2 roadmap revealed.

In Year 2, Team Rainbow will be deployed to Spain, Hong Kong, Poland, and South Korea. We’ll be introducing four new maps in these countries, with 8 new Operators from brand new CTU’s. As you can see in the road map below, Year 2 follows a similar format having four seasons with one free map and two Operators releasing each season.[/quote]

There’s also a second “season pass” being sold.


Amazing how this game not only survived, but now thrives. It totally tanked on release.


If you fix it, gamers will come back. Sometimes. ;)


This is still the best game I’ve played that not one of my friends plays with me. (Xb1 fwiw)


The Starter Edition is back, but with some significant changes.

  1. It’s cheaper. The buy-in price is $15 instead of $20.

  2. The grind to unlock more operators is much longer. It’s now 12,500 reknown to unlock a seasonal character, and 25,000 reknown to unlock one of the base operators. The previous Starter Edition used the regular game’s reknown goals. (500-2,000).


It seems to be doing pretty well on twitch lately.


Anyone here still playing this? I haven’t touched it since last year, but that’s because I flit from game to game like a moth.

Anyway, the game is getting it’s own version of loot crates called Alpha Packs.



Loot crates are going live!

Alpha Packs are designed as a way to give you free cosmetics, just for playing the game! Arriving in a staggered release, Alpha Packs will introduce a chance-based loot system that will contain many past cosmetics (like the Black Ice skins), as well as exclusive Legendary tier items that you will only be able to get in Alpha Packs.

We will be staggering their activation across every platform in an effort to ensure the most stable deployment possible. We understand this may be frustrating for some, but it is imperative that we do not impact performance.

To celebrate the launch, everyone will be receiving one free Alpha Pack when it launches on your platform.

We will be publishing a Blog/FAQ with more information pertaining to Alpha Packs next week, so keep an eye out![/quote]



Well, this is something.

We are quickly approaching the limit of our data sizes, and this will require a rework of how our maps are stored. As a result, we are currently planning on removing [some] maps from the game entirely down the road (not in Season 3).


Anybody still playing this? I see that player count is actually increasing for the game lately.


I don’t but my kids still do. It’s definitely in their rotation with friends. They were pretty keen on the new operator that hacks the other team’s phones and thought that was pretty clever. It’s a really solid game from what I’ve watched (and played briefly on PC… though I do not run it like they do with a full squad). It’s in your face and immediate with its action that comes after a nice buildup beforehand.


I still play, but I’ve always played brief stints and never gotten too deep. It feels really nicely fleshed out now. Tons of characters with interesting interactions, good maps, no awful microtransactions.

I will say though: It’s VERY hardcore. I guess that’s fine for Rainbow 6, but can be frustrating if you get matched up with people even a bit above your skill level. You’ll eat a headshot from someone perfectly hidden behind a single pixel because you slightly over-extended when you leaned left for a split second. Frustrating if you haven’t been playing since release and don’t know the maps extremely well.


My coworker bought this in the Thanksgiving sale on Steam. Now he sings its praises all the time. I have to admit, some of his descriptions about how different the various “Operators” are in the game and how it changes up the game sound kind of fascinating. It sounds like they’ve really done a good job in making each Operator unique. And he says there’s so many different ways to setup defenses and to get past various defenses that the gameplay is always fresh.

So the Operators finally explained something I’d been wondering about: what exactly is it that you get in Year 1 vs Year 2 of the game. There’s also a Starter Edition. Apparently if you get the Starter Edition, it’s like a Free-to-play game, where each Operator costs 12,000 Rainbow Six points to buy. But if you get the Year 1 bundle, for instance, each operator only costs 1200 Rainbow points, something like that, in addition to the Operators that already come free with the Year 1 bundle.

Anyway, it sounds like it’s a system that makes Ubisoft happy and the players happy as well, since each Operator presents a unique tweak to the gameplay, so players love aiming to try more Operators, and there’s something like 48 Operators in the game already.