Raised By Wolves - HBO Max

Hadn’t heard about this, but it sure does look interesting.

It seems like we can all guess the plot twist from the trailer (it’s kindof made explicit) but maybe that’s a misdirection.

I would be much more excited for that if I didn’t see Ridley Scott’s name on it. Maybe this will be his come back, but he’s lost his touch in recent years. I guess being 82 will do that to anyone.

Otherwise, it looks gorgeous, but Ridley Scott trailers usually do. Aesthetics aren’t his problem. And I could see being enthralled with a show like this in the hands of the right person.

P.S. Given the video thumbnail and show title, I thought for sure this would be a trailer for one of the upcoming Game of Throne spin-off prequels.

Wow, that looks awesome.

Alright, you made me look up his imdb page.

Looking at the stuff he directed in the 2000s, I now realize I haven’t watched most of this.

I loved Gladiator, Hannibal, Black Hawk Down, Matchstick Men and American Gangster, but I haven’t seen the rest of these movies until 2014/2015. I hated Exodus: Gods and Kings, and I loved The Martian. But that’s a pretty small part of his movies since Matchstick Men.

I liked The Martian, but other than that I thought everything after Black Hawk Down was terrible. Scott deserves extra scorn for resurrecting and then murdering the Alien franchise not once, but twice, with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant.

But I liked Prometheus. Sorta.

What’s great about BHD? I fell asleep in the middle but what I remember was very Standard Bombastic War Movie. Not bad but certainly nothing I’d call great.

It did give us the masterpiece that is Prometheopsis so something worthwhile did get salvaged from it.

Trailer reminds me of I Am Mother which I enjoyed, but I’m glad to see they seem to be going another direction with this one.

I was thinking I Am Mother mixed with Oblivion.

Yeah, let’s hope it’s not as straightforward as that combination, though the trailer does try hard to make it very obvious.

Watches trailer, feels like has seen whole season :/

Ridley Scott androids are the best androids.

Man, I want this to be good. After its run each season I might subscribe to HBO just to blitz this.

Oh, and I couldn’t help but think this the whole time the human team flaunted their symbol:

The creator is the guy who wrote Prisoners, the Denis Villeneuve movie.

Grace Randolph (DC and Marvel comic book writer) thinks it’s amazing. (I didn’t watch the whole review, since after about 2-3 minutes it’s pretty clear she thinks it’s really terrific. She generally does a decent job of not spoiling things, but I figured why take a chance.)


First 3 episodes are up.

Has anybody watched this yet? Is it worth subscribing to HBOMax to watch?

I thought the first episode was pretty awesome, but bear in mind that i love Ridley Scott android stuff.

I would suggest that between this, Lovecraft country, can and Doom Patrol, it is totally worth a months sub.

For folks who watched it:

I do not see how the atheists could have possibly lost the war