Raleigh Area QT3 Folks

I’ve recently moved to the Raleigh NC area (I’m about 5 miles from Epic and Red Storm) and am wondering who else is in the area. Not just dev folks, but QT3 goons in general.

If there are enough of us to merit it, perhaps a local get-together would be in order?

Also, I’ve been considering calling up Cliffy and the Red Storm guys and seeing if I could do a stop-in post E3 and see their offices, maybe write a little something up. If anyone is interested in preview stuff from any of the local sweatshops, I’d be more than happy to do that sort of thing since I’m here. Not sure if any of those guys lurk the boards here much, but if they (you) do, let me know.*

  • Beer bribery is not beneath me.


I lived in Cary (working at Interactive Magic, HeadSpin and iROCK) until late 2002, when iROCK went under and I moved up to Maryland. I think there are a couple more Triangle denizens around. Dave Weinstein from Red Storm posts pretty regularly. I’m not sure if any of the Epic guys are lurking.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Anyway, welcome to the triangle!


I guess I’m just a “goon,” but I’m down here in Greenville SC for the summer. It’d be a bit of a drive, but if something went down on a weekend I’d be game for it. It’s certainly better than my chances of driving out to Seattle or wherever.