Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill Meetup?

Hi RDU people. Anybody interested in getting together for dinner and/or a beer?

Possible locations: Tyler’s Taproom (Seaboard), Mellow Mushroom, Flying Saucer, etc…

I’m not sure where most of you live. If it skews towards Durham or Chapel Hill, we could meet somewhere more central.

I’m up for a Research Triangle meetup now that the weather is nicer, if it can be done on a day when I am not at work or have not been at work all day and all night.

I am up for one as well. Tyler’s in Raleigh has good beer.

Is everyone in Raleigh? There’s a Tyler’s here in Chapel Hill, and there’s also one in Durham, too, right next to the ballpark. Anyway, I can drive out to Raleigh as well.

I know that Tankero, Armando Penblade, and WarrenM are in Raleigh.

I’m in Raleigh but can drive to Durham or Chappy if that’s best.

Which days work best for you?

I’m completely at the mercy of my call schedule, so it would depend on the particular week. I’m glad to drive to Raleigh if everyone is there. I’ll leave it to the natives to choose a suitable place.

If people are interested in doing this, I would suggest just picking a week and then seeing what days people are free during that week. This week is bad for me, the next two are better.

I might be in Raleigh at the end of May for FDG, and would love to meet up.

How about the first week of April @ Tyler’s Taproom in Raleigh? It’s a straight shot from Chapel Hill - just keep following the Wade Ave exit all the way downtown and you’ll almost be on top of it. I’m more than happy to meet elsewhere if somebody has a better suggestion, but nothing is coming to mind at the moment.

We could try to arrange something else for when fire is in town (though I’m not sure I’ll be in town then).

I don’t know my work schedule until the end of the week prior, but that week will work as well as any other. I am typically off on Monday nights and nearly always work on Thursday and Friday. Oh, and Sunday. Tuesday and Wednesday vary.

The week before that would actually be much better for me, it turns out. I am actually off the entire weekend of March 23/24, then on call the following Wednesday only. On call whole weekend of 30/31. Then April gets crazy.

I am in town and not on call around May 30/31, so I should be available then as well.

Ok, the week of 26 March works for me, too. Basically, it sounds like you guys have worse schedules that I have, so if you settle on a date that works for you, there’s a good chance it will work for me. I’ll probably be in Beaufort for the weekend of 24-25 March, however.

I think the center of mass is in Raleigh. My calendar is mostly wide open, except for an hour or so Thursday nights. I’m a light drinker, so I will be glad to DD if needed. Except for you Chapel Hill wankers – if you get sloshed and I have to drive you home, expect me to pickpocket your wallet and red sharpie “#1 Wolfpack fan!” on your forehead.

I’ll just throw these out there: I am available The evenings of March 23rd (Friday), March 26th (Monday) and March 29 (Thursday). Any of these work for people?

I can do the 26th or the 29th.

I can do the 26th or 29th. I’ll go ahead and request the 29th off to make sure that’s available.

Edit: I have it on good authority that Tankero will be there, and I just PMed Armando Penblade to make sure that he’s aware of it.

Cool. You Raleigh natives pick the place and time. I will be on call the night before, so I will have to go home and sleep, but should be fine in the evening.

RDansky and WarrenM are in the area as well and maybe missed this thread?