Rally Cross for the PSP

Ooh, I loved this PS1 game back in the olden days! Sony just made it available for download to play on the PSP. I’m not sure there’s any reason to go back to it when I’ve got, say, ATV Offroad Fury, but it’s cool to see it’s available. Anyone try it? How’s it hold up?


I dont have a ps3 so I can’t buy it, but SOTN and dw7 are AWESOME on this thing.

sorry, I couldnt resist… though if you still have your psx disc, why buy it again? There is a simple ‘drop in psx disc and click a button’ ripper/converter now, so the only tricky bit is getting the psp to 3.03OE (not possible if you are over 2.80)

I don’t understand what language you’re typing in, Moore. 3.03OE? SOTN? dw7? Over 2.80? You’re too leet for me! I’m just looking for a game that lets me drive around in the mud.


oh, sorry, assuming you are serious,

Playstation Portables can play 99.99% of Playstation 1 titles now, but you have to slap them around a bit first, and it used to be a little annoying to convert the game.

Now there is a tool where you drop your Playstation disc in your PC* and click a button.

The #'s referred to firmware versions, as Sony’s current one is locked down to prevent the emulator that is built in from working with any Playstation 1 titles that were not bought through the Playstation 3 store. In reality, the emulator without the DRM funk will run almost any Playstation 1 game from any store or yard sale.

*(Personal Computer)

Basically… yarr.

I kinda knew what you were getting at. I really haven’t had any desire to muck around with emulators, because then I can’t play the latest games, right? For instance, the press demo for Ratchet & Clank PSP demands the 2.80 firmware. So this means a guy has to choose between Ratchet & Clank PSP and emulated PS1 games, right? If so, the choice is pretty clear to me.

I’m still not sure what SOTN and dw7 are. Symphony of the Night? Dragon Warrior 7? I’m guessing it’s retro stuff I haven’t looked at twice since the 90s. :)


You are right, I should buy a ps3 and wait patiently for Sony to offer to sell me another copy of dragon warrior 7.

the one I bought years ago made by this… enix company is obviously a pirated one!

Tom- The firmwares released by Sony are available within a day or two for the unofficial firmware in most cases, so if you can wait a couple days, you’re fine. I dont even think any games that require 3.03 (the latest) are out yet, and I’m running 3.03 (just not Sony’s version)

So you have a choice between mucking about for maybe a half hour and having everything you have now, plus full screen resolution AVC video playback, all the homebrew/emulation crap, and sideways compatibility with the ps1 library, or just having the ability to play 10 playstation one games, for $5 each (and a $600 entry fee to get to the store)

You do lose the “locationfree player”, but noone on earth bought that crapfest anyways, and you can do streaming or video/tv/audio with homebrewed apps anyhow.

Not worth it for everyone, but I bet it’d play Rally Cross just fine. (Sorry again for the massive derail, I can’t help but gush about this since it so fucking cool and it’s nice to have an overwhelming amount of fantastic games on this machine instead of ten)

It’s basically like being given a choice between someone handing you a million dollars and someone punching you repeatedly in the face while wearing brass knuckles.

But hey, I guess you could play Symphony of the Night on a 3" screen. For the fifty-seventh time.

Actually, that wasn’t such a bad analogy.

Tom, for all your “Driving around in the mud” needs, get Colin McRae 2005 or WRC Championship. CMR05 is essentially a direct port of the XBox game, and survives the translation quite well. WRC Championship is pretty arcadey, but it has the actual drivers and cars from the WRC if you care about that sort of thing.

Whoa, I was about to correct you, UC, and explain that I was talking about PSP games. But I see you’re hip to that. I had no idea there was a PSP Colin McRae. I loved it on the Xbox, so I’m definitely going to have to grab that one. Thanks for the tip.

ATV Offroad who?


Dammit, now you guys have got me thinking about getting V-Rally for the PSX on my PSP.

You have to hand it to Sony, the emulation is extremely well done.