Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2


Couldn’t even go a minute without a popup ad joke.


Hey man, everyone loves a pop-up joke.

Anyway, my kids are nuts about Wreck-It Ralph, so I know what I’ll be doing on Thanksgiving I guess.


Kitty gets the pancake…

I liked the first Ralph, and given I have two small children, this is a shoe in. They namedrop Zootopia for producer credits, but I doubt this will be as good as Zootopia. Moana and Zootopia are about my sons favorite movies, and I am ok with that.


Trailer was hilarious. Can’t wait to see this with my kids.


Man these internet jokes won’t age well


You guys are nuts, these things are timeless.


That bunny slowly eating the pancake and then little girl screaming fucking slayed me. This looks excellent.


You mean they haven’t aged well. There’s scarcely a joke in that entire trailer that isn’t 15 years old.


I didn’t see the last one in theater, but i really enjoyed it. I might see 2 there this time around.


So this is a cute movie, but they went older and the movie seems a lot slower too. I thought the visualization of the internet was cute and fun, the themes were moralistic and worthwhile but I don’t see how kids say under 8 or so are going to A, follow the movie, or B, remain interested.


I took the kids to see this on Friday, it was my daughter’s first movie in a theater. She said at first that she didn’t like it (she’s a big fan of the first movie) but later she said that she liked the parts with all the Disney princesses. And she liked Vanellope but not Ralph. I think it’s like Nesrie said, it’s a little slower paced than the first one, and is packed full of in-jokes that kids just aren’t going to get. Still, I liked it well enough.


I mean the latest trailer literally has Rick Astley as the part of the soundscape. No 5 year old is getting that.

Actually @Nesrie thank you for that. It is exactly the review I needed. Clearly skip with my son, for now. He did love the first, though not as much as Big Hero 6 or Moana.


And there’s loads of stuff like that. Riffs on search engines, various internet sites, viruses, all things that will go over most kids’ heads. Most stuff is just background, doesn’t slow things down, but it’s a major plot point that Ralph and Vanellope have to use social media and a YouTube clone to make silly videos to go viral so they can make money. I guess kids don’t really need to know what’s going on to follow along in the movie, but it seemed oddly out of place for a kids movie. Maybe they’re just expanding their target market.

There are in-jokes from other Disney movies and franchises that are pretty good. They get chased by stormtroopers at one point, and there’s the Disney princesses I mentioned. There’s one point where they do a thing (seems like a hard movie to spoil, but I’ll steer clear anyway) and Moana pops up and says, “You’re welcome!”, got a little laugh out of me.


It seemed like some of these jokes were mostly meant for my generation or older, the group that went from arcades to the internet. This can work really well though. The Shrek series did very well, with the first two, of giving adults jokes but keeping the movie going and fun and engaging for younger kids. I would say they went a bit too far in the other direction, especially compared to the first one. Wreck-It Ralph 1 is very engaging, even for younger kids, because the themes are simpler and lots of stuff is going on… listening to a couple of characters talk about videos going viral… well the 4-6 year olds watch those videos, but I don’t think they’re at all interested in hearing about the mechanics behind it, even in cartoon form.

I think in a week or two Grinch will be on the list. I suspect, but don’t know, that’s the better one for the younger kid group.

He’s got great taste! Heck Big Hero 6 probably has a little older theme but the relationship between a boy and his robot, I think young kids will relate to that even if some of the other stuff goes over their head.


He’s almost 5, but even last year wanted a Beymax jack o lantern. We do the ‘falalalala’ fist bump all the time.

I keep meaning to check out the animated series with him.


I took my girls (14 and 9) to see it yesterday and we all had fun. The story concept isn’t nearly as good as the first movie. The stuff with the internet had a whiff of product placement. And the stuff with the stormtroopers, princesses, etc had a whiff of Disney studio self-indulgence. And not nearly enough Felix and Calhoun!

Fortunately, the characters and comedy manage to keep the movie afloat and it ends well. Gotta love a climactic battle that mixes ‘In the Hills, the Cities’ from Clive Barker’s Books of Blood Vol. One and the Stay Puft marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. And King Kong of course. I liked how the climax was staged with Ralph seeing himself as his own worst enemy and having to Let Her Go both as a literal action and an emotional experience. Clever screenwriting! The post-credits gag is terrific and almost makes up for that Imagine Dragons quote-unquote song.

Thumbs up! Maybe not in the theater but it’s worth your time.


I got to see it with my son (22) while he was in town. We got a good laugh, but came away with the impression it was good but not quite up to the standards of the first. I agree the post-credit scene was great, however. :)


Without reading your full post, my skimming picked this phrase up, and I assume you mean the one where they sing the word “Thunder” like almost 100 (literal) times? Who thought that was a good idea? I like most of their music, but what the fuck was this?


What happened after the credits? I missed it.


I don’t think that was the song… I remember the words hero hero hero zero zero zero.