Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2


Just googled for it, and that song seems fine. Catchy, even, no problems in my opinion, I think I like it.

But, you think that’s bad?

Let me present their turd.


So why don’t we like Thunder?


Because they repeat the word Thunder over 80 times, and in the most annoying sounding high pitched auto-tuned way possible. I mean, maybe you enjoy this song, I’m sure many others do, but to me it’s just so incredibly repetitive. I really like the first 30 seconds of it.


Well I don’t hate it or anything. I also don’t remember it from the movie. I remember Daft Punk and Zero, and I think a montage of other Disney movies, but the main thing I took away from the soundtrack for this movie was how unusual it is compared to pretty much any other major Disney animated film soundtrack.


Well, Vanellope’s song is pretty great. I agree Imagine Dragons is dreck. I was howling at Moana’s “#Shiny” t-shirt. All the princess stuff, while it was somewhat self-indulgent, was the funniest stuff in the movie. It’s too bad they ruined most of it in the trailer.

I liked that it pointed out that most of the internet is pretty terrible (ads, popups, viruses, youtube comments). That’s a good message for kids.


The whole interacting-with-the-real-world including monetization of the Internet really soured me on this sequel. I would have preferred there to not have been a sequel.


You’re not alone. To me this thing was the anti-Wall-E in almost every respect.


A friend commiserated thusly: it felt like “The Emoji Movie II.”


Ouch. I didn’t think it was that bad. It was still cute in several areas and the little internet peeps were adorable!


Also low praise is that he felt it resembled “one of those DreamWorks movies with an abundance of references.”