Rambo is back


Though he’s “assimilated into the tapestry of America,” workplace stress forces Rambo to leave the big city and move his family to the boonies. Their lives are upended however by white supremacists unhappy about a part-Navajo man moving into the area. When the racists take Rambo’s 10-year-old daughter hostage, dad is forced back into action to rescue her.


Lawd hep’ us all!

I can’t wait.


Wonder if his Taliban allies will costar again

Filming - excuse me, lensing - begins in Bulgaria, then to India. Uh, why?

I’m not cliking the link, no matter what it SAYS it is about. For all I know, Whitta found a pic of some guy blowing Stallone.

Cheap cheap cheap!

According to Stallone, the new film will be similar in tone to the “character-driven” franchise-launching First Blood (1982), in which Rambo uses his battle-honed skills to get even with a small-town sheriff, as opposed to the more cartoonish action-packed sequels. Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985)

Damn, I wish Stallone wasn’t so old. Here’s hoping they can plaster enough make up on him to look mid 40’s.

First Blood style movie will probably do better than a Rambo 2 movie, but I just cant deny the attraction of blowing shit up and killing ‘dirty commies’.

Why? It worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

My God, he’s remaking BillyJack…

Great catch! Man, Tom Laughlin’s 74 now. Seems like just yesterday he was a young, bare-footed, karate-kicking friend of hippies.

Can someone please paste Tom Chick’s head onto Rambo’s body for my amusement? kthnx

Oh shit! You put that song back in my head! It may require years of therapy to get it out!

“Go ahead and hate your neighbor …”


Didn’t Billy Jack go to Washington in the second movie? I haven’t seen it. But I have seen the first movie several times…it’s truly awful, yet I am compelled to watch it. The horrible hippie school scenes are truly classic, and should serve as an example to those who want to create alternative education systems…go ahead, but don’t do it like Billy Jack!

Favorite line from Billy Jack movie: (Paraphrasing) “I’m gonna jump straight up in the air and put my foot in your face…” (Sumtin’ like that…)

that’s pretty close. Isn’t that when he is fighting the whole group of rednecks in town. And they say “What are you gonna do now?” And that’s his answer…classic!

I’ve been thinking about doing the snake ritual myself, if anyone knows of some Native American cliffs and a good shaman.

I’ve located the new script…:


It’s a heartwarming story, but everyone knows by now that Rambo will be rescuing missionaries from Burmese pirates (I wonder why I’ve never seen the word “Myanmar” in any Rambo IV-related stories?). Perhaps the script with the white supremacists would’ve been better, but “Best of the Best 3” is too fresh in the moviegoing public’s collective memory.