Rambo is back

Is this just a Rambo retelling of the incident in which American missionaries were kidnapped in the Phillipines? Mark Bowden had an article on the whole messy situation in this month’s Atlantic. The only thing missing is a fifty plus year old Sylvester Stallone getting in there and setting things right.


It should maybe be noted that this article is from June 1st, 2005. The plot synopsis I heard for the film recently is completely different from that described in the article.

Yikes, I hope not. I’d want to see that about as much as I’d want to play a crappy FPS featuring a level with Abu Sayyaf baddies. Oh wait, Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes already did it…

I hadn’t seen the Bowden articles, but I’ll read them tonight. Thankfully, things are much quieter in the Philippines since that awful summer. Regarding southeast Asian terror, most of the headlines seem to be coming out of Indonesia and Thailand these days.

He’s got a lot of working out to do assuming the Sylvester Stallone who waddled onto the pitch at the bitters is the same one in the movie.

It is?

Hard time picturing Rambo suffering from workplace stress.

“I’ve signed the deal and I have the old headband, machine gun and bow and arrow ready to go. I am looking forward to showing movie fans the real action hero again,” Stallone said in a statement.


White supremecists? When was the last time you heard about white supremecists having the balls, numbers, or ability to do more than have quiet, shameful meetings or yell and make people hate and laugh at them?

I’m pretty sure Jodie Foster introduced it in one of those AFI Top 100 shows. It was either “Best of the Best 3” or “On the Waterfront”, which is also an OK movie.

Come on now gang, the latest Rocky was not all bad. Or so I hear. I never saw ANY Rocky movies.

I did see the first Rambo, and COBRA, so what the fuck, I’ll see this one if (IF, I tell you) it gets >60% on RottenTomatoes. Or if Ain’t It Cool explodes with spooge over it.

Yeah, On the Waterfront’s okay, but it’s no Rocky 4.

i bet you’ll totally never guess where i got my nickname


Because that’s the name given to the country by the atrocious military junta that ‘leads’ it now. Believers in democracy and/or freedom (or anything resembling them) still refer to it by its righteous name, Burma.