Ramis Plans ‘Ghostbusters 3’ with Stiller

Apologies if this has already been posted:

HOLLYWOOD - Moviemaker Harold Ramis is trying to bring his Ghostbusters movie franchise

back to the big screen–and he wants Ben Stiller to star in a third film.

Ramis reveals Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd has written a new script, called Ghostbusters in Hell, and Ramis is keen to get the project started.

He tells InFocus magazine he wants Stiller to join Aykroyd and Rick Moranis in the sequel.

Aykroyd’s script transports the bumbling ghostbusters into a parallel dimension via a portal in a New York warehouse.

Ramis explains, "What Danny had originally conceived was sending us to a special-effects hell–a netherworld full of phenomenal visual environments and boiling pits.

"But what works so well about the first two (films) is the mundane-ness of it all. So my notion was that hell exists in the same place as our consensus reality, but it’s like a film shutter–it’s the darkness between the 24 frames.

“So we create a device to do it, and it’s in a warehouse in Brooklyn. When we step out of the chamber, it looks just like New York, but it’s hell–everything’s grid locked; no cars are moving and all the drivers are swearing at each other in different foreign languages. No two people speak the same language. It’s all the worst things about modern urban life, just magnified.”


Well that’s an interesting perception of hell. I’d watch it.

So basically LA, then.

Wrong forum?

In the rest of the interview, Ramis said this movie is never going to happen - and the Ben Stiller thing was when they thought of it 15 odd years ago.

I’d hate to see Ghostbusters ruined by adding Stiller anyway.

Yeah, considering the previous high-watermark set by having them pilot the Statue of Liberty with a NES Advantage.

I have yet to see Stiller act in any movie.

Black and White?

Your Friends And Neighbours? The Royal Tennenbaums? Permanent Midnight?

“Do it! Do it!”

But if they have Stiller, they’d also have to sneak in cameos by at least 3 of the following:

Vince Vaughan
Will Ferrell
Owen Wilson
Luke Wilson
Steve Carrell
Paul Rudd
That guy that plays a lounge-singer type in Starsky & Hutch (Feel Like Makin Love) and Old School (Total Eclipse of the Heart).

Since when is Carell part of the Stiller clique? He was only in Anchorman with any of them…

Really? I could’ve sworn he was in at least 1 or 2 more of their works. I could be wrong though.

I don’t believe he is – he’s just attached to Will Farrell at the moment. He also did Bewitched and that Woody Allen movie with him.


Your Friends And Neighbours? The Royal Tennenbaums? Permanent Midnight?[/quote]

Zero Effect. Love that movie.

Zero Effect and Royal Tannenbaums are the only moves where Ben Stiller doesn’t play Ben Stiller. That’s why they are good despite him.