Rampage - “George didn’t ask for this.”

Sure, Bullet with Butterfly Wings, why not.

Sold. There. Opening weekend. Absolutely.

Makes me sad after seeing him in The Walking Dead, I dislike everything Jeffrey Dean Morgan does. :(

I would respect the shit out of this move if they cast The Rock only to have him get eaten by George in the opening scene.

So uh… Rampage [the game -ed] is an over-the-top, cartoony, malevolently schlocky wink-wink funfest. Why are they playing the movie straight? So many terrible decisions.

So is this a move based on a video game (or am I just a bit slow for not realizing this right off the bat)?

Sounds like Transformers, which has made tons and tons of money. This movie actually looks like it won’t be terrible like Transformers 2-102 or however many there have been.

CGI creature destroys city is an entire genre these days, isn’t it?

I hope they give the other two critters names as well! I want to root for the giant wolf and crocodile, thanks very much. Percy and Simon, right?

Lizzie and Ralph! were the other two. (Ralph!, I believe, was the American antecedent for failed political rampager Jeb!)

I can’t believe they made a movie based on Rampage that I actually want to see. I did enjoy that game when I was a kid, but it doesn’t feel like that’s required to like this.

I’m holding out for an Altered Beast movie.

Fuck yeah Altered Beast boyyyyy

Rise From Your Grave…

The trailer makes it look like The Rock is playing the Fay Wray/Jessica Lange/Naomi Watts character. 'Twill it be beauty that slays the beast, again?

Damn, did I really just forget that?

What’s your professional take on Lizzie, the Godzilla-like lizard being changed into some sort of crocodile for the movie?

Well the city being trashed when they spot Lizzie is said to be Chicago, and that’s a long way outside the range of any crocodilian. However, there might be some plot shenanigans going on. George is apparently in the Everglades when the event goes down, and perhaps an American crocodile was also affected, but how it swims to Chicago in that time… well, ok, it’s a movie based on a videogame, logic is flexible.

That could be more analysis than the script writers put into this.

[edit]I also note that while George appears to be physically unaffected by the change, other than size and attitude, both Lizzie and Ralph have some strange new morphology going on! I guess they’re setting me up for disappointment that the big bad wolf and the croc are going to make it out alive.

Why are they doing this.

Because the technology is finally here to fully reslize a vision first glimpsed in the 80s.

So much speculative grimacing going on in this thread & no one wants to admit they watched it?

We watched it last night & enjoyed it. It’s a coherent story and they definitely do play it straight, but there are light hearted moments. My biggest complaint is time dilation - so many things happen in 30 minutes that would have taken days - I just checked it off to lazy writing / scripting.

The action and story overall are put together well, seeing large animals go crazy it was like watching the equivalent of what would be 1/2 pint representations of godzilla, king kong and not sure what you call the wolf thing. Very entertaining to watch.

Recognizing Joe Manganiello from True Blood and how he bites it was poetic justice considering his character in True Blood!

Overall a solid B effort, you won’t be disappointed and it’s 1000% better than the horrible Tomb Raider.