Random comments about DooM 3 and the future of level-design

Whatever, Koontz. This is worth a snobbish chuckle or two as well…

Now I’ll go back to observe my DooM 3 screenshot. Look at the hand of the monsters, the colors, the effects of the fireball, the shadows… For the first time raw math and artificial code are starting to challange the beauty of a painting.

Buying a lot of black velvet paintings of the Radiskull at your local flea market, dude? I’d probably modify that to state that for the first time raw math and artificial code are starting to challange the beauty of the slipcover of a Megadeth LP circa 1987.

This is because you aren’t able to read what I write without being negatively biased.

The sense of what I wrote isn’t: “OMFG it’s so grogeous. I want to hang it on my wall”.

The sense is that till now 3D surpassed 2D only in the possibilites of interaction with the environment. Look at a game like Commandos 2 and you’ll see wonderful backgrounds. Wonderful because they ARE paintings. Now the 3D is appraching that type of quality and art. Not anymore just interaction, but also real art.

This is why I pointed the hand and the reflections of the colors, that borders in quality what an artist could do with a brush.

And the whole point is: Finally we have the art. Now let’s push of the “meaning” of that art to give it a role in the interaction.

You are far too witty for your own good. Dungsroman is desperately scribbling notes as we speak. Please refrain from posting more as it only encourages the hacks to attempt this level of accomplishment and fail utterly. You may be silent now.

Wow, when did we begin discussing console to PC ports? Right now? As an example of console limitations influencing PC level design that is terrible.

Ok, I agree. What does this have to do with console controllers ruining Doom 3’s levels?

Halo has a few exception to the rule but it still develops on a horizontal level where you shoot enemies right in fromt of you.

As opposed to the PC games where you shoot enemies that are not right in front of you? Equip the boomerang!

I know you mean that the enemies in PC games are sometimes slightly higher than you or slightly lower than you (WOW!!!). I assure you this happens all the time in Halo and even Riddick. Hell, it happened in GoldenEye on the N64. But nevermind, just tell me more about the early days of keyboards as input devices. What key did you use to look up? A? That’s crazy, Grandpa!

About the quality of 3D environments compared with 2D “painted” art, if you don’t consider DooM 3 as your “preferred” style take a look at my 56 screenshots from WoW. In particular these three:

The terrain isn’t anymore boring and random, instead it has a strong role in defining the environment. Not anymore as the “background”, but as the “subject”. Finally.