Random gaming thoughts and questions

This thread appears to need some love. It was either here or revive the Far Cry 4 thread last updated in 2016 (BTW if I search for Far Cry like that it won’t bring up any results for me. I had to type FarCry 4).

Aaanyway, came back to this after a hiatus (just now in the snowy Himalayas) and for some reason or other the darn game needs me to give it UAC permission once before every game session. Checked and it’s not an overall Ubisoft Connect thing, since AC Origins is fine.

Am I the only one surprised that survival games keep gaining in popularity?
It just seems like boring busywork and grind to me? - “collect 20 coconuts to construct a wheelbarrow”…etc

If it stuck to survival type games, it’d be easier to ignore, but this crafting mechanic is unfortunately also inceasing in importance in most RPGs lately (at least thats my impression).

Yeah, the “gather fuckeridoos and then take them to senor von muckitymuck to convert into whatchamacallits you can forge into dickboppers at the anvil of g-gundambloodorphanslament” crafting cycle is a pretty maddening appearance in so many games these days. I know a lot of people love it, but god, what I’d give for a “skip this entire bullshit sequence” button :)

I think there are a couple reasons for their current evergreen popularity. Off the top of my head, a couple reasons -

Due to their generally open structure, they work well for content creators, streamers, and peer groups. There’s a lot to do, the content takes a while (a long while) to work through, they often have iron man modes, and each session may be vastly different from any other. This helps create a great illusion of content, while also providing longevity. For the groups listed above, this is great news.

Another reason is that many of them support some form of multiplayer. These are easy titles to co-op. There’s clear division of labor, you don’t always have to be with the other player, they can be casual, and control skill level requirements you’d find in, say, objective based shooters, are generally lower. This means you can get a wider player pool interacting with one another. It can also alleviate the stress of “Dammit Ken, you have to shoot the glowing spots!” and create a chill gameplay session for some pals.

There are loads of other reasons, I’m sure, but those two stick out to me.

The weird thing is I love this loop in a strategy type game, but I hate it in first/third person action/combat games. My biggest complaint about Dyson Sphere Programme is the way you’re tied to an avatar.

Counterpoint to the survival critique; FPS games like CoD and Battlefield are basically the same game loop as mouse practice games from MS-DOS where you click on the fast-moving flies.Also like Duckhunt, but less realistic. They seem popular too. ;)

Seriously play The Long Dark, or Subnautica if you haven’t.

Do we still count the counterpoint if we agree with the disparaging characterization of FPS games?

I think it’s fair to say that the only good game is Slice & Dice

Well I’ve never heard of it so it can’t be that great.

As a veteran of Ark, Conan, 7 Days to Die, Valheim, Raft, Grounded and others that I can’t remember at the moment all I can say is different strokes for different folks :)

Sometimes I like the crafting games, or the Death Stranding build the infrastructure games. I just started God of War, and it’s terrific, but it’s an intense experience that I only want to play ~ 90 minutes at a time. After that I want to just relax and break some stuff, harvest resources, and build something while listening to a podcast.

I need some more HardSpace: Shipbreaker style content in my life to balance BOOOOOYYYYY.

Btw is the raft any good solo @TundraToad?

Is Captain Toad a survival game?

I played Raft with 2 buddies so I don’t know about solo. The game is ok with some peaks and valleys. Of the games I listed it’s the weakest.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on the Switch? No, it’s a Mario spinoff that has only the Captain toad levels from Super Mario 3D World, spun off into its own complete game. Basically platforming without jumping. Or you could call it a puzzle game, I suppose.

Thanks. Aw shit my friend’s been pulling my leg then.

Xfinity sent me a new modem/router upgrade and when I turned on my Xbox 360 for my periodic retro game fix, I found that the console will no longer connect to my home network. I’ve been through everything I can think of to get the wireless connection to work, but I think it may just be at the point where the older console and newer modem just can’t communicate. I guess I could go wired but the console is a good dozen, maybe fifteen feet from the router, I don’t have any cable that long. I’m. It ready to cut the console loose because I still have some older games that were never made backward compatible with newer consoles. I guess it was bound to happen though.

I never had an X360; is that one with the Wifi built in, or is it using an add-on wireless adapter? There are some newer Wifi routers which try to improve speed by disallowing connections from very old Wifi standards like 802.11b or .11g. How old is it?

Depends on the model, but mine has built-in Wi-Fi. It’s kind of funny, it recognizes the network, and tries to connect using 802.11n, but then just says it failed. I can’t even attempt to authenticate, I can’t get to a login. It just says nope! Basically.

It does toss some troubleshooting at me, like manually assigning an IP, making sure certain ports are open, cycling the router, standard stuff. But I know it’s not a router problem, I’ve got a bunch of other devices like phones, tablets, laptops, heck my Series X can connect just fine. Just doesn’t get along with the 360 for whatever reason.

Do you have another mobile device which can act as a hotspot, and then try connecting the XBox to that? Is the XBox only using DHCP or Automatic for network configuration, or were you using some fixed settings before for IP/router/etc? Also, are there any logs or connection attempt info available at the new router?

Hey yeah, didn’t think of using my phone as a hotspot but my 360 does recognize it. Can’t imagine bandwidth is much worth a damn but it will work until I can figure out something more permanent.