Random gaming thoughts and questions


This is, literally, the (primary) game that originally inspired the post. And for the reasons you stated.



I liked the shopkeepers in Jagged Alliance 2. There were several scattered around whom you could buy some really nice stuff from. Some of them required small quests to be completed before they would speak with you. Others could be recruited into your team, but then would no longer act as a shopkeeper, so there was some trade-off.

There was also Bobby Ray’s, which was a mail order weapons dealer. When you ordered items from them, you had to wait a few days, depending on the type of shipment, before your stuff would arrive at the airport. Better yet, an NPC at the airport charged with watching your stuff, would sometimes steal from you and keep some stuff for himself. This would require some “creative problem solving” in the form of a punch to the gut before the issue could be resolved satisfactorily.

Bobby Ray’s would sell used gear too. Used items could be repaired until like new if you had a skilled mechanic on your squad. I believe some NPCs would also repair stuff for you if your squad didn’t have one.

Lastly, after clearing a sector of enemies you could bring up a spreadsheet-like interface showing all the loot in the sector. You could put them in and out of your personal inventory, sort them by type, reload/unload weapons with ammo, assemble/disassemble weapon attachments, etc. IIRC you could also do a quick check of other explored sectors to see if you forgot any items.



That’s very cool. Devs: more stuff like this please!



And sometimes that last screen was like Charlie Brown’s trick or treat bag, full of rocks. :)



Gold and silver nuggets, certainly.



I did a search and didn’t see any results, but has anybody here played this game, Screeps?

I’m wondering how rewarding the singleplayer component can be. There is an online MMO subscription component, but I don’t think I’d want to dive into that until I have a clue what I’m doing a month or two down the road.



With all the latest internet drama and crappy reception for Diablo Immortal, Fallout 76, and Darksiders 3 (all the latest entries in a few of my favorite franchises), it’s getting difficult not to feel a little jaded towards both the developers and some of my more histrionic gamer brethren. I’m starting to feel like pinning all my hopes on the upcoming Crackdown 3 might not be such a good idea.



Darksiders has always been a bit of a B-list franchise (I love them anyway and hope three isn’t too rough). I’ll be pinning my hopes this season on Just Cause 4 and X4: Foundations. We’ll see how that works out for me.

From what I’ve read, Crackdown 3 seems like a dubious choice to invest in. :/



Wait, what happened to Darksiders 3? Did they mess it up?



Basically I’m reading reviews and impressions that range from meh to this:



Is anybody here familiar with all the various WB Lego games, like Lego Star Wars, Lego Avengers, Lego Harry Potter? Are these games complex enough that an adult can enjoy them, or are they just super simple titles meant for kids?

I’m extremely wary of what comes across as a simple cash-in on an IP, but the Lego games seem to have been around forever so I imagine there might be a real game in there somewhere.



I find them pretty dull but I know of adults who like them. I think I’ve played the Marvel one and a couple Batman ones.



I’ve played most of the Lego games, and find them quite enjoyable. Some are better than others, of course, but none of them are bad.



Sixty three pages!

I just purchased and downloaded the Spyro Reignited Trilogy (have never played the series before, and this is getting great reviews) on the Xbox One sale, and upon starting the game I had to click my right shoulder button SIXTY THREE TIMES to “read and accept” the game’s EULA before being allowed to actually start the game.

Sixty three pages. At least they didn’t try to quiz me on any of that shit, because I read less than a single word of any of it.

Sixty… three… pages…



That’s ridiculous.



I don’t want to play Spyro again that badly.



The games are very simple, with the possible exception of some collectible hunts. Additionally, there is no penalty for dying, other than losing some coins. These games are perfect for kids and for significant others with no gaming ability whatsoever.



All good feedback, thanks. I will pass for now. Such deals though!



I’m learning as I go that dead babies solve a ridiculously high number of puzzles in Scribblenauts Unlimited.



Right now my ideal video game would be a cross between SimCity and Burnout Paradise Remastered. I’ve been playing Burnout Paradise Remastered through EA Access on my Xbox, and all it does is remind me of my years-long desire to drive the streets of the cities I build.

SimCity 4 had Rush Hour with the U Drive It missions, but what I want is to be dropped down into my city in first person and race through in a variety of vehicles, like an openworld Burnout/racing game. I don’t just want to take a tour, I want to blow through town at 150mph.

I know this isn’t an uncommon desire in the gaming world, so come on game studios, get on this. All I need is an all-in-one full-fledged city simulator with functioning economic pushback and built-in street racing functionality with leaderboards and online map sharing via Steam Workshop or something. I guarantee at least one copy sold on day one. I’ll even pre-order.