Random gaming thoughts and questions


Voted Rimworld because ha ha, Rimworld.


I keep picturing that episode of Red Dwarf. Rimmerworld.




Watch the videos @Jason_McMaster has made. He’s great at Rimworld. Really entertaining too. Then you can decide.


I have actually watched Jason play several rounds of this on Twitch and I don’t feel like I am any closer to understanding a bit of what’s actually happening. Looks like a lot of inventory management.


Oh, don’t get me wrong. I don’t play it. I just can’t wrap my head around it. But I like watching Jason play it. :)


I really like the game, because I have some basic understanding (thanks, in part, to the person referenced here numerous times), but also because I don’t understand much of it, so all my colonies are failures from the start. Where I to become slightly more skilled, I can see how it might get frustrating to lose.
Anyway, game is so awesome that it is even awesome when you suck at it.


if I added up all the time it would take to complete the daily quests for the games I consider myself “currently playing,” it would be a full-time job. It’s too much. Way too much. And I feel like they’re actively getting in the way of the part of the game I’d really like to enjoy that day.

I love small daily bonuses and all, but it sucks when various aspects of a game are balanced around completing them on a regular basis. In a sense they’re causing me to mentally shelve a game when trying to decide which quests I just don’t want to keep up with for the time being. I find it hard to play these games at all if I feel like I’m just “falling behind” (even though I’m not, really) every time I ignore the quests for a few days.

The thing is, this is mostly just all in my mind. If I would have more fun going and doing something else and ignoring the daily quests, I’d still be doing exactly what i wanted to do in that game. But the nagging feeling that I’m leaving something valuable on the table while I ignore these quests just gnaws at me the whole time.

I recognize that it’s nothing more than a cheap mechanic to coax me into logging into a game on a frequent basis, but Bleh!


For me the daily quests often ultimately have a detrimental effect. Once they’re completed, playing the game more that day is inefficient, so I’ll usually log off. As a result, I don’t get the kind of momentum going that would keep me logging in day after day so I’ll eventually stop when I might have gone further if left to my own pace.


Hi, Hearthstone! I’m looking at you for this one!


Ha! listen my brother is a huge wow guy and he’s still doing daily quests. Frankly I scratch my head and wonder.

He is a Wow raider. But gosh the grinding.

Anywho I am glad we can just say “no” to that addiction and play something with progression we can control better.


Yep. I recently purged all the games I was playing that had any mechanic along these lines, when I looked back and realized how much time had been going to empty and repetitive box-checking just to accumulate the reward du jour.

Made a mental effort to recalibrate my expectations, and remind myself that I don’t play games to get stuff, but rather to have interesting experiences and make interesting decisions, so a game that wasn’t delivering on that wasn’t worth my time.

On some level it’s a shame, because there actually was a core of enjoyable decision-making in all of those games (for the record, Fire Emblem Heroes, Shin Megami Tensei Dx2, and Legend of Solgard), or I wouldn’t have been playing them in the first place. And I do miss the sorts of bite-size tactical puzzles that they offered at their best. But the daily quest mechanic is sneakily pernicious, and made it hard to separate what I was doing for fun and what I was doing out of addiction and obligation, so it was easier and safer to just delete them altogether.


Yep, I absolutey hate the “daily log in” requirement / grindy mechanic. Not going to engage in that and if a game basically penalizes me for that, then I’ve got other things to play!


I log in to Guild Wars 2 every day. I don’t play it. But I have 237 Tomes of Knowledge now. :)


This is, literally, the (primary) game that originally inspired the post. And for the reasons you stated.


I liked the shopkeepers in Jagged Alliance 2. There were several scattered around whom you could buy some really nice stuff from. Some of them required small quests to be completed before they would speak with you. Others could be recruited into your team, but then would no longer act as a shopkeeper, so there was some trade-off.

There was also Bobby Ray’s, which was a mail order weapons dealer. When you ordered items from them, you had to wait a few days, depending on the type of shipment, before your stuff would arrive at the airport. Better yet, an NPC at the airport charged with watching your stuff, would sometimes steal from you and keep some stuff for himself. This would require some “creative problem solving” in the form of a punch to the gut before the issue could be resolved satisfactorily.

Bobby Ray’s would sell used gear too. Used items could be repaired until like new if you had a skilled mechanic on your squad. I believe some NPCs would also repair stuff for you if your squad didn’t have one.

Lastly, after clearing a sector of enemies you could bring up a spreadsheet-like interface showing all the loot in the sector. You could put them in and out of your personal inventory, sort them by type, reload/unload weapons with ammo, assemble/disassemble weapon attachments, etc. IIRC you could also do a quick check of other explored sectors to see if you forgot any items.


That’s very cool. Devs: more stuff like this please!


And sometimes that last screen was like Charlie Brown’s trick or treat bag, full of rocks. :)


Gold and silver nuggets, certainly.


I did a search and didn’t see any results, but has anybody here played this game, Screeps?

I’m wondering how rewarding the singleplayer component can be. There is an online MMO subscription component, but I don’t think I’d want to dive into that until I have a clue what I’m doing a month or two down the road.