Random internet distractions (that are cool) thread

In an effort to enable procrastination, here’s a thread for random internet distractions. Articles, interactive things, other Internet stuff that doesn’t fit into another category but leads to successful procrastination.

I’ll lead with this, which is better on desktop. Click through to interact.

I never cease to be amused by http://pandyland.net/random/

Haha. That’s a good one! I’ll have to start wasting more time there.


Uh, Qt3 ;)

Haha nice. Hadn’t heard of that site, but I like it.





Very interesting article. Also long.

Holy shit! Those are randomly generated?!? Amazing. There is a formula for comedy writing!

So I randomly discovered that you can attach stuff to the launch clamps in Kerbal Space Program. And then of course I had to go way overboard with it :P


LOL The music and timing on this were perfect. Bravo!

Presumably, you’re here looking for an internet distraction. This is a very interesting article:

Here’s an old favorite

Okay, that GeoGuessr thing is pretty cool.
I’ve gotten within 1,500 miles each on my first two rounds!

It is addictive as all hell. My GF and I play it frequently after drinking, because, “why not?” We take turns and then get to chide the other one on how good or bad they did.

Some of those things are insanely hard.

Oh, hey! Another cool octopus article!

I got way too good at geoguesser. I managed once to get my final tally to less than a mile total. It was kinda ridiculous.

It also requires some patience to locate road Signs and such.