Random obsolete technologies to reminisce about

Write about your obsolete gadget or item with personal sentimental value here!

So I had my propane camping lantern out and fired it up. It needed a replacement wick, but I found one in the bottom of my camping box. Took off the lid, the glass cover, the broken wick, tied on the new one, reassembled, connected the propane, lit a match, held it and turned on the gas, and voila!; a nice warm yellow camping light. Plus I love the sound it gives off too. But it gets dangerously hot in mere seconds, so hot it takes a good 15 minutes to cool off. Dangerously hot with kids around. Anyway, I think it’s going into the dump.

New photo by Scott Johnston

Well let’s see - I still use this bad boy:

Hint: it’s a Zune

Save for the zombie apocolypse. I have one of those. I rarely use it though as I recently bought a battery powered lamp of about the same size with three settings. But I keep the propane light because “just in case”.

WTF propane laterns aren’t obsolete! They put out huge lumens compared to all these annoying battery powered things. You can light up a campsite with one easily.

Would my collection of music on cassette tape count? Mostly stuff I never owned on vinyl or CD that I recorded from a record rental near a house I lived at many years ago.

I am actually kind of interested in getting a non-iPod music player. Does it have bluetooth?

My dad’s old typewriter:


One of the handful of things I’d grab in the event of a fire. It still works, though the ribbon needs recharging, but the value really consists in its sound and its smell.

Not brown, fail. The only valid Zune color is brown.

I actually liked that brown/green doubleshot, not even joking. It was awesome. But the idea of a device that only plays music is super obsolete. ☠

I had one of those but the hard drive crashed, no joke. My Zune HD has been going strong for 7-8 years now, solid state FTW!

Yeah, another idea that kinda sucks in the long term, along with devices that play only music: spinning rust drives.

I still have my iPod first gen. And the charging cable. I’d think it would work fine if that was what I wanted. I do not.

Can’t believe I lived so long without this:

Now I own five.

Also these:

Love 'em so much.

Why do you need to light up a campsite? I’ve had this in my basement and haven’t used it the last 20 times I went camping. I love the color of light it gives though.

I miss joysticks and flight sticks. They’re just cool, man.

Still have my Saitek EVO.


And my non force feedback Sidewinder 2. They’re dusty though. :)

All my flightsticks ended up busted. I guess I’m hard on joysticks.

This was my Apple eMate. It ran Newton and I think I bought in 1996 or so from the NCSU bookstore. It had a PCMCIA slot; type II I think. I finally had to say goodbye when I purged my office closet in September that contained many computer relics (10ft external SCSI cable anyone?) It didn’t function after my nasty 1998 car wreck, but I could not bear to part with it until now. My wife, “You still have that?!”


Edit: I didn’t put context

I had an MP3 player called iRiver. It didn’t have much space (this was probably around year 2000 or something), but you could just stick a normal audio jack into any other music device and press record, and it would save that song as a new mp3. It made copying songs from radio or friends cds the easiest thing in the world. That feature was removed pretty quick.
(I have NO idea what that market looks like now, so maybe that exists again, but there was a brief time when everyone where jealous of my little pirate device.)

They’re the best.

Ahhh, back when Saitek used to be synonymous with quality. Oh how Mad Catz ruined them.

Preach brother. That’s why I treat it well.

I still pound on this once in a while

It’s obsolete but there is someone who will refurbish and make it look new.