Random obsolete technologies to reminisce about


That’s why you need a FF2, they’re built like tanks. Seriously.

I’m typing on one of those right now, circa 1991.


So I have a serious vinyl album collection. That meant that I had to purchase an Audio-technica AT-LP60-USB turntable. I was going to use it to copy all of my albums into audio files.

I used it to play Frank Sinatra albums through my laptop speakers for my mother one Christmas. Since then, not much.




Still got my H140. Awesome bit of kit at the time. Optical in and out, recording, many formats, drag and drop. So sweet. Had them paired with some Shure E2’s, back when only the cool kids used professional monitors for earphones! Dunno where the Shure’s went, pretty sure my wife lost them.



RichVR… you can get the gist of him in just a few posts, but even after 10000 more he can still surprise you.


I have a 4th Gen iPod that lives only in my car’s glove compartment. Like a garden gnome.

See, my car (2007) does not have a USB jack in the stereo, and the stereo itself is very non-standard (i.e., replacing it with a third-party model is not an option. It has a hardwired old-style iPod connector that feeds into the glove compartment; I think I had to shell out several hundred dollars to get it installed eight or nine years ago. It is the only thing that allows me to play non-radio, non-CD music in the car.

So this 4th gen iPod (B&W display with a stupidly-low pixel count) is brought into the house every couple months to be updated with the newest, hippest songs that I own (e.g., Monster Magnet’s 1998 almost-hit “Space Lord”) before being carefully placed back into the car and plugged back in. I think it has a whopping 16 GB of storage, but that’s still thousands of tunes.

I also have a 3rd generation iPod Nano from 2007 – the one year they made the squat, square form-factor:

Solid-state drive, 8GB and a lithium battery that lasts for days. I still use it on a daily basis.


I have a 60GB iPod Photo I still keep in my car.

Remember the Palm Pilot? They totally Britta’d/Commodore’d to have popularized the way we all spend huge percentage of our days interacting and yet manage to lose the market.


My Handspring Visor. I loved that thing.

I have a 20g iPod 4th gen I still use when I work outside.


My mom finally had to give up her rotary dial phone when she moved last year.


You know you can get cassettes that plug into your iPod’s headphone jack, right?


Sure, I had one of those with my previous car. Of course then you can’t control the iPod with your steering wheel controls and the sound quality is crap… and it’s not applicable here since the car doesn’t have a cassette player.


When we sold our house to move here the buyers begged us to leave the black dial phone in the entry hall. We did. Now I regret it.


I’ve had kids think I was pulling their leg when I tried to describe a rotary phone.


My iRiver died pretty quickly, and after sending it back, never got a replacement :(

Here is my companion from 1998 until 2 years ago. I switched to a newer work computer, because the right cursor key hadn’t been working for a few years, and carrying its 5kg around was a bit taxing to my aging bones.


Those Pismo/Wall Street computers were works of art, man.


Have you tried a bluetooth to FM adapter; on Amazon for around $15. They work well enough for music and calls, plus have a charging port for your phone.


Oh the regrets of giving away stuff you thought you didn’t want!

My first computer was a reaaaaallly old Macintosh (would be wrong to call it Mac). I actually think it was one of the first designs that where made for home use. It had a little game with a diver, a voice recording programme that could pitch your voice either one step up or one step down, a writing program and a screen saver called After Dark. The hard drive didn’t have room for more. The mouse was a ball that you’d roll under your palm.

Not that I’d be able to use it for anything but it’s antique by now. Would just have been fun to have it around.

I think I have a pic of it lying around, I’ll see if I can find it.

ALSO - I gave away my GameBoy. THAT I really regret. An original one from the 90’s with Tetris and Prince Of Persia and a bunch of other games. Stupid :(


One thing I love about the airline counters in airports is that they still use dot matrix printers complete with the huge, folded pads of tractor-fed paper. Makes me pine for the days of NLQ.


This thing! Wow. Haha. The mouse was actually pretty nice.


Unless you’re in an urban area with a heavily-saturated FM band. It was very hard for me to find a blank spot on the dial.