Random obsolete technologies to reminisce about


Looks like a Macintosh SE. Maybe the hard drive version? Introduced in 1987, discontinued in 1990.

Trackball mouse… a bold non-default choice!


Using an AT-style keyboard with that Mac also.


Apple and other companies were selling big keyboards for Macs by then. The “professional” Macs had them. Looks like a standard Mac II keyboard to me… see the pic


Speaking of keyboards, I still haven’t broken down and bought/restored a Model M, but my mechanical keyboard addiction is itching again. The problem is I’m running out of ways to add more to my life with one for work, one for home, and a (big) one for travel. Maybe I need a tenkeyless or something for that. . .



My gf already loathes my beloved Filco Majestouch with MX Blues. . . in Majestic Blue. I can’t help but feel like buckling springs might be a breaking point ;-)


My buckling spring unicomp is currently outside literally getting rained on, as I banished it from my office yesterday and didn’t have any place to put it.

I didn’t really object to the springs, but they are indeed WAY louder than cherry switches of any kind. What I did object to is the obscene largeness of the Unicomp. The thing was friggin’ huge. I wish someone made a compact buckling spring… that could be your next billion, @ArmandoPenblade!!


Looks like those bastards at Model F beat me to the punch: https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/


Oh man, I dreamed of owning an Apple II or Mac back in the day. I used to go down to my local computer shop and just tinker with the Apple IIc they had on display, that was a thing of beauty. But just crazy expensive. Had to go whimper home to my TRS-80.

Look at this thing and tell me you don’t still want one -



God damn you Armando, god damn you to hell. gets out credit card

@divedivedive I had an Apple //c. It sucked because all the cool stuff was add-in cards for the //e so I felt like a third class citizen.


I’m here to help!


I’ve been eyeing one of those Model For keyboards as well.

@wumpus, if you do get one, please report back on how awesome/awful it is.


I’m thinking Macintosh Classic is the one

Good old times :) Wish I could remember the name of that game.


The SE/30, now there was a machine.


Unlikely, look at the striping on the front. Totally different. I am pretty certain it is the hard drive version of the SE.


Another pic of one, you can also match the closed drive bay above the first one.


Sorry I am a fuckin’ nerd, this is the kind of shit we pull.


Oh no I love this! And you’re probably very much right, looks like the drive is closed yeah :)


Ok, imma need you to go back in time and take some more detailed pics of that computer so we can resolve this definitively now 😂


IIRC the New York Museum of Modern Art displayed a IIc in their design section.



Wish I still had my second game console. Coolest looking thing ever.

If MOMA had any taste they’d display this.


Oh man, I had one of those. Good times.