Random obsolete technologies to reminisce about


Terrible signal, sound quality, and ergonomics of a smartphone vs…


I have the blue one here:

as well as this one:

The R37 is neat because you can use rechargeable AA batteries, and it will actually charge them when not in use. The R30 probably no longer works due to a dead battery.

I had a Sharp recorder too for a short while.


Looking at the bottom one, how I miss those buttons…
stupid touch screens!


Haha. This was when I was still just a kid (in the 90’s, actually) and there wasn’t much to do on that computer.
I remember so well how later, in my teens, I used to wait til everyone was asleep in the house and crept to the office and actually had to LAY DOWN on the modem with a pillow to stifle the horrid sound it would emit (dial tone…ding dading dingding wiiiiii WEEEEE ZWXSCHZWCHHSHXH bebeeebeeeeep), and then just lay there with a pounding heart until I was sure no one woke up.
Wish I had a picture of that.


Wow really? I actually skipped that one. I went from recording radio shows on cassette to a 3-tier CD player, and then jumped straight to mp3’s.
I actually bought one of the first (at least that came to Sweden) mobile phones that had a built in mp3 player. I think I was 14 and had just had my first summer job at a daycare for 2 weeks for almost no pay at all, but I was so proud.
It had 64 mb storage, so I had enough space for like…10-15 songs, so they had to be chosen REAAAALLY carefully.


It was horrid. But hey, at least it had Snake!


Now that I think about it I have one in my car, my computers, and my BR player. None of them have been used to play music in quite some time. However, I still get most my music buying CDs on Amazon. It’s less expensive than digital and I can download most of it immediately. And bonus, MOAR CLUTTER. I MIGHT NEED THEM!!
Gotta have something to purge in 10 years.


Probably the best keypad ever made. Great feel and indestructible.


What? No way, keep that lantern, educate your kids on how to use it safely. Someday you may take them camping.


I went to a place here in town, which sent me to this little shop where this guy who spoke with a foreign accent offered to fix it for $150. The parts are hard to find. He fixed it and it has worked for about 6 years now. His shop was covered in piles of electronics that he apparently cannabalized to fix things that were brought in.


Oh god, I remember hating that game but still playing it a few times out of frustrated boredom, like when waiting at the bus station or waiting at the dentists office.


Ohh I love this thread! Makes me happy for some weird reason. When I get caught up with life will have some fun stuff to contribute.


Wow! I REMEMBER that. Mine broke really soon so I just used the steering wheel and pretended to drive. I thought the coleco was red thought. Guess can’t trust childhood memories.


Yeah, I miss having actual buttons on my devices too. :( I should get an NDS to game on. At least those things still have buttons.


Dial-up internet has given our generation bad habits. I started staying up till 3am because that was the only time the phone line was available.


ok so if you go back in time remember the following, it will shut off modem speakers.



Hah, yeah, around 6th grade, the family computer got moved to my room, and eventually I figured out that hey, my parents sleep and can’t possibly know if I’m online after like midnight. Except that damned modem sound. Many methods of muffling were attempted :)

Eventually we got a new modem and I actually poked around in drivers or something somewhere and found the mute command. Just had to remember to unmute it before dad used the computer again so he wouldn’t get suspicious. . .


Ha! I had one of those! I remember the racing and cowboy game but not the 3rd one.

I just threw out a Tascam cassette 4 Track recorder. Used it to record song demos from 1990 until 1996 until I upgraded to 8 track which I got rid of a few years ago. Tape always sounded so much nicer than digital.


@wisefool & @ArmandoPenblade

WHAT! I had NO idea. And no one I knew did either. Wow.

Heh, you may be right! But I think mostly as an adult, I stay up too late because free time after the work day is done is way shorter than I wish it was. I mean, how much sleep does humans REALLY need.

Didn’t we all really hate snake? It was just the only mobile game there was. So we all pretended it was really cool.


The best SD-based music player ever. Light years ahead of its time and never caught any market share. I found it in a bargain-bin basement in some tourist trap store around 42nd street.

Panasonic SD-SV85. Later on they tried marketing as ‘e-wear’. These were tiny. 18 hour battery life with the internal battery, and close to 50+ if you used the case with a AAA battery.

It used a removable SD card, so you could throw it all you wanted unlike the Ipods. Ipods didn’t have flash till 2005. Sansas did not exist. I’m trying to find a date for this thing (ok, press release says Oct 2001).

The bad is that to transfer songs to the SD card you used a proprietary SD card reader and software. it protected the files with some DRM bullshit. I think Napster scare was around at the time.


Cool. I didn’t know about that. That battery and battery section of the case look like they’ve seen some serious use!