Random obsolete technologies to reminisce about


I have one of these. The batteries leaked in it too.

Yes it was in Terminator 2.


So besides hacking ATMs to get free money, what could you do with it? Was it like a word processor or more like a personal organizer?


I essentially used the limited word processor to write a sort of diary. I played around with the truncated DOS commands. It came with a card that had a pared down suite of applications like word processor, spreadsheet and calculator. It was pretty much a personal organizer, as you say. But at that time in my life I thought it was the shit. I really wanted a 286 but couldn’t afford it.


I miss phone books. It was so nice to be able to find out someone’s address by looking it up. Now I’m not sure how to find someone’s address without bothering them on Facebook or something.



We had a Kaypro and a Compaq 286 portable. I still have the portable thinking someday I will sell it or donate it.



Literally thousands of replies. He started it off himself with this one:


How about this thing?

I’m willing to bet there are people here who have never seen one.


I pass your tests!

Here’s one that might be my generation only (38) and likely neither older nor younger. Don’t look at the underlying address…


I played with pogs and I’m only 31. . .

My abusive cousin’s also-probably-abusive dad forged him a giant solid metal slammer and he stole all my pogs and threatened to beat me up of I fought back, so the fun was short lived.


Lol. The older kid that was ‘teaching’ me how to play took all mine, and I didn’t bother to buy more.


Is that something you’d leave in the record itself?

I never collected 45s, but I have this that I just pulled off my turntable:



That’s a great one, Rich.

CD: Yes, exactly.


Holy crap. I had that Elton John 8 track.


First thing that came to mind.


I… think I had one of those…


Oh I totally did. This exact one in fact.



Is that for rewinding VHS tapes?


Indeed it is! It was its one and only function!


This was my first VCR.


I was gonna dispute this and so went to Google to look for other uses. And damned if even Google doesn’t see another use for a VHS tape rewinder! And if it can’t be found in 30 seconds of Googling, then it doesn’t exist.