Random Positives

I combed P&R but couldn’t find an appropriate place to put this. It’s unlikely to be worth its own dedicated topic, so let’s go with something a little more generic. We talk about the crappy stuff that is happening in politics quite a lot. Now and then it’s nice to see politicians trying to do something positive.

The Nebraska Unicameral has introduced a bill to make Standing Bear and Indigenous Leaders Day a state holiday (banks, post office, etc. all closed). It would replace Columbus Day. This is the polar opposite of Mississippi replacing MLK Day with “Great Persons Day”.

No word on if there is much in the way of support, but it’s still nice to see.

I’m all for getting rid of Columbus day. Standing Bear day will do.

Is it though?

I mean, I understand that politically the two are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but philosophically it seems to me to be the exact same thing. In both cases, a state is essentially saying that they do not believe that the titular person’s actions, legacy or character is worthy enough to be honored with a holiday, despite the nation as a whole (or at least the House/Senate) having decided on it.

Just as an aside, I’m not a big fan of setting up national holidays to honor a single individual, no matter how worthy he (MLK) might be. The US is supposed to be about the greatness of We The People rather than a Great Leader. I’m OK with Presidents’ Day since it honors the 44 or so people we have elected to high office as a group, the founding fathers as a group, and the Washington/Jefferson/Lincoln as an abstracted ideal. But I much prefer the holidays celebrating fallen veterans, celebrating workers, or celebrating freedom as a concept.

So I’d love to nix Columbus Day and replace it with Native Peoples Day or simply Americas Day or something similar. I’d like MLK day to be Civil Rights Day or Voting Equality Day or Slavery Abolition Day or… something more clever than those. Keep the spirit of celebrating King’s legacy and victories without tying it to the veneration of a single individual.

What about Christmas?

Man, don’t get me started on the lone remaining overtly religious holiday recognized nationally. Dunno what I would replace it with. “Spirit of Giving Day”. “Family Day”… that sounds terrible. “Charity Day” maybe.

Ooh, how about “Religious Liberty Day”!

“Life Day”.

Day Before Boxing Day Day

Are you guys talking about Yule? Yeah, we can just keep on calling that Yule.

Next thing you crazy guys are going to say we need to change the name of Thor’s day.