Random question about Daschle

So conservatives, why the utter loathing for Daschle? He’s a very mild moderate.

I never did get why conservatives are so obsessed with him, other than my pet theory that you’ll believe the demonization of anyone the GOP noise machine chooses.

So enlighten me: what’s the deal?

I can’t speak for South Dakaton voters, but I think it’s as simple as his standing in the Senate as the minority leader.

I have to admit entertaining some doubts about Daschle as a “mild moderate”. If we substituted Lieberman in Daschle’s place, then a lot of people would have thought that the RNC was off its collective rocker on that one.

Yeah, but pretty much all Democrats agree Daschle’s a moderate; they don’t do that with Pelosi. The perception gap there is just inexplicably large IMHO.

Its the logical next step. Conservatives have succeeded in demonizing the middle to far left, there is no need to attack them any longer.

If they can demonize moderate liberals, that’s valuable.

Because he was the leader of the Democratic minority. Taking out the leader of the other party is always hard work, especially when he’s a multi-race incumbent. It was more of a symbolic victory for Republicans than anything, although the seat lost the the GOP doesn’t hurt them either.