Random thought thread!


This interesting tidbit of knowledge made this thread worth it by itself. Now we just need George Clooney to give this speech during his next poker movie.


There is an Italian card game, played with the Italian deck, called Scopa (I think) that I have never been able to understand. Here’s how my family plays it:

  1. Deal cards.
  2. Pick up cards.
  3. At least two but usually all of the players yell “SCOPA!” at the absolute top of their lungs and throw their hand down on the table with great force.
  4. Argue about who won for the next thirty minutes.
  5. Repeat.


That sounds like any card game after a few (read: Dozens) of drinks at family parties. I think that one passes cultural boundaries as well.


If a gay couple or a lesbian couple adopt or otherwise have children. What do the children call their parents?

Dad 1 and 2? Mom A and B?


My favorite card game is Euchre. It requires four people to play and in any average-sized gathering there is pretty much no chance of finding three other people who know it. This may or may not be why it is my favorite card game.

Edit: To be honest, my favorite card game is Cribbage. This is because Cribbage is f’n awesome.

I need to find a good Cribbage game for my iPhone.


What’s trump?

Only people from Illinois, wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio know how to play this game.


And Ontario!


Fucking Euchre, baby. My extended family always has three full tables of this going over the holidays.

I love how my Grandma and Mom try to cheat by transmitting non verbally what their strengths are to each other when paired up. It took us YEARS to figure out their system but once we did we used the awesome tactic of using the same system against them. Eventually later in the night they called us on it and we called it back on them. Ha!




Uh. Michigan, dude. Euchre is like, the official sport of Michigan. The rest of those states aren’t nearly the hotbed of euchre that MI is.


I know for a lesbian couple its just both mom.

Friend’s got two moms. Hell, I refer to both of them as mom.


It’s a little known fact that wisconsin and south dakota are the only two U.S. states that are conventionally not capitalized.

Conversely, OREGON should be spelled in all caps.


Word. Euchre’s the ultimate drinking pastime, because it’s like a live-action sobriety test. If you are too drunk to play euchre, time to stop drinking.


Random thought: Why can’t a gaming forum have a built in card game server contained within?

I would love to throw down playing some Euchre, Hearts, Spades, etc.


For some friends of mine its mama (said regular baby style) and mah-maaah (said all posh-like).


That’s how you spell it! When I went to Buffalo, every single person from Rochester seemed to know how to play Euchre. I was told the kids would just go to garages, drink and play it. It seemed to be a form of bridge, with a smaller deck and only natural bidding.

Less charitably, I called it a retarded version of bridge.

EE probably would prefer Euchre or Bridge, P&R should get hearts.


“I have nothing to say and I am saying it and that is poetry as I need it.”
-J. Cage


So I hear. My sister (in MI) was just introduced to Euchre at a party the other night.

Scrabble’s more my game.


Why do hot dogs come in packages of 10 but hot dog buns come in packages of 8?

Why do you park on a driveway, but drive on a parkway?

Why are they called “apartments” when they’re close together?

Should a bankruptcy lawyer expect to be paid?


You don’t know jack!