Random thought thread!


The total eclipse is creeping closer, and I am plotting my way to see it.


I’m at the edge of a day drive, getting to Carbondale or south of St Louis is about 4.5 hours for me. So my plan is, currently, take the day off and drive down in the morning. Eclipse start is like 4:30, totality around 6:30. So I am going to take the time to see weather reports for the sweep from St Louis to Land Between the Lakes and head down there. If clear in Carbondale that is my first choice.

This is the plan. It is almost here!


Remember how much older Barbara Bush looked than George? She just turned 92. Now she looks younger than him.


Two things that I thought when looking at those two pictures:

I wonder if she was wearing the same watch as well…



(and I realize that I messed up the second reference, but that’s what popped into my head)



Every day I get an email from Comixology with suggestions for comics they think I ought to try, and today the top of the list appears to be a comic called “Bitch Planet.” I honestly have no idea what to make of this.


It’s probably nicer than planet FUCK YOU


I actually skipped that thread entirely when I first saw it because I could make no sense of the thread title. So now I’ve read the review and couldn’t make much sense of it either. Some days I just feel old.


Welcome my friend. Here is your shawl, walker with tennis balls and a cup of tea with lemon. Feel free to yell at the kids on the lawn.



This certainly isn’t called the Random thought thread for nothing, is it?

You all have been stepping up your game lately, and I like it.


I can’t find a better thread in which to put this.


That’s great. Home confinement? The judge has a sense of humor.





Yes, Stella?


Two related facts:

  1. My high school German teacher’s third grader did a triathlon today.
  2. I feel old and broken down by comparison, and I’m not even thirty.


I ran an 8k race today, and was feeling pretty good about it until I read this. :) No seriously, good on that kid for getting out there!


“We can only send email 500 miles”



Florida is officially the state with the most deaths due to lightning, with 52 fatalities since 2007. Texas is number two with 21.

Yay us. I guess.


Found root cause.