Random thought thread!


Do people that Texas puts in the electric chair count? Because if so then I bet they win. D:


I’m just assuming God has good aim, if he’s hitting Floridians and Texans the most.


There is no good thread to put this: Support dogs for captive Cheetahs. I mean, how cool is that? (Asiatic cheetahs are critically endangered.)


Very cool. Thanks for sharing.


I want to get in there and pet them.

Actually it reminds me, my in laws went to South Africa last year and they have pictures of them petting a cheetah. Then you put a golden lab into the mix? LET ME IN THERE NOW!



You should also all know that, since they are able to purr, cheetahs cannot roar, and instead purr like house cats. It is ADORABLE


So, uh, anyone seen @jpinard recently? How’s Jeff doing?


Wow. His last post was May 26. Good call.


Which led me to this article about a young Jeff!


This kind of makes me smile and scratch my head a bit.

The meat slicer appears to be the targeted item.


Having worked with those meat slicers in the past I can tell you that they aren’t cheap. Let’s say $1500 to $3000 easily.


How would and to whom would you resell it? It seems strange to me there would be a big black market for a meat slicer, and if there was, it would be at a fraction of the price.

I mean I worked in a grocery store deli once. I know they’re hefty machines but… only mom and pop set-up is going to buy a meat slicer off the back of a truck… or it was an inside job and they were just getting back.


The spread of items stolen says resale at a fraction of the actual cost to someone who asked for them. Then the cash is used for drugs. The aprons give it away. Somebody had the place targeted. But the thief went too far. Hey dude I got you aprons too. Big mistake.

No store needs aprons stolen for them. Or surveillance equipment. The aprons are handled by a company. They supply you with clean ones and take the dirty ones to clean. If you have a store and need cameras and shit, you don’t juts have a few stolen. A security company is involved. I set those up too.

This thief went the extra mile. For no reason.


I have to admit right away that I am not a thief. I can only try and put myself in a thief’s shoes and when I do that, and I think of all the things I could steal to sell for money for drugs or anything else, a giant ass meat slicer would be so far at the bottom of my list… as in so far it wouldn’t make it onto the list.


Who’s the guy that went to Jeff’s house and helped him do yard work or something? Can that guy check in on Jeff if we can’t verify his okay-ness in some other way? :(


That would be @ineffablebob


Fuck that noise, I’d keep the damn thing. Then I’m livin’ the high life, buying whole hams and slicin’ ‘em up however I goddamn well please. Bastard at the Food Lion deli tells me his machine can’t handle 16X Thin? FUCK THAT NOISE I’M GOIN’ 2-DIMENSIONAL BABY


Heh. You’re the customer that asks for real thin. Then the next time you tell me, “Why did you cut it so thin? I couldn’t separate the slices!” Of course you couldn’t. And no I will not separate each slice of your one ounce order with a sheet of butcher paper between each molecule thin slice. At that point I’d rather rub meat on the paper. Eat that shit! :)

My favorite customer: Turn the knob more to the left. Let me see a slice. ::eats it:: Now more to the right. No not that much. Yeah. There. Let me see a slice. ::eats it:: Not yet. Maybe a bit the other way. Eventually I get. No, no. I don’t want that anyway. Gimme a a quarter pound of lox. And cut it thin.

Edit: Honey, not only do I slice the lox, I sharpen the lox knife. I get a half of a fish and I spend the morning plucking the bones out of it. I run my finger around the edges and then trim that sucker perfectly. Any scraps become lox cream cheese. Not a fragment of that smoked salmon goes to waste. I am a fucking expert. Slicing lox is a zen thing. Running your finger over a new fish is like, I know you are there bones, and I will find you. I LOVED slicing lox.


Your responses to this are… interesting, yet amusing so ultimately, worth the inquiry.


I was wondering the exact same thing yesterday, and didn’t dare to ask, as I do not know him personally at all. He must have thought of QT3 to provoke this kind of synchronized reaction!
Thank you for the article.