Random thought thread!


I dropped Jeff a line via text, so he knows we’re thinking of him! I’ll let you guys know when I hear from him.


Awesome, thanks! :)


Woke up so dizzy cam’t get put of bed.

Have had low frequency humming and ringing ears/tinnitus for three days leading up to this. I originally attributed it to maybe having headphones turned up too loud a few days ago while binging on
Justified, even though they didn’t seem that loud.

Second time this dizziness has happened. First was four months ago. So I’m no longer think8ng headphones.

Dramamine is 100 feet away, need to try and get it.

So miserable, can’t even get up to pee.

Wife gets home in 3 hours.

Typing this to pass time…


Sounds (no pun intended) like an inner ear trouble. It happened to me when I was in highschool, and was incredibly impending - and humiliating, I feel your distress.
I learned much later there is an effective massage therapy to alleviate the symptoms. I still can’t walk in the snow, though ;)


There’s lots of different paths to vertigo, but if it’s intermittent, it sounds like Meniere’s:

My dad started having episodes a while back, and doctor’s didn’t really have any truly effective treatment for it. It’s basically a description of symptoms rather than a specific disease, so people don’t really know much about how to treat it. He cut out salt and alcohol for a while, and that seemed to help reduce the frequency, but then he’s re-introduced them and it hasn’t gone back up, so who knows?


My mom has it. Sorry to hear about it, Kerzain.
If it helps, know that the episodes tend to come and go, so even though it’s all fucked up now, it’ll pass.


So I’m at Chili’s, as one is. And I’m outside having a cigarette. Off to my left a dude drives his 2000something BMW onto the concrete walkway. He tries to back up, go forward, nothing. So, against my better judgement, as I am a bit drunk, I walk over. He’s out of his car kinda looking at it. We talk a bit. It’s a rear wheel drive. So I explain that he either needs a tow truck, and the various money involved. Or if we can get a couple of larger people, like me, we can lift his car off of the curb. He laughs. No way anyone will do that man. So I see a guy walking with his girlfriend/wife/sister. Dude, you want to help? How? Let’s help this guy get his car off of the curb. Oh, sure.

So dude gets into his car. I tell him, turn your front wheels to the right. Hard right. Then I tell him, carefully accelerate in reverse. He does it. Me and the other guy lift his car and boom. It’s free.

I like Chili’s.


FYI, called and left a voice mail as well. Possible the holiday week is keeping them busy!


Hey, Amazon, quick question. I already bought 100 grams of gallium, a HTC Vive, whatever. So why do you send me constant emails offering me the same exact items? Things relating to those things I could see, but the same things? How’s that working for you? Lot’s of people buying 3 or 4 $800 devices, one after the other?


The family that Vives together, thrives together.


Unless you ask, the answer is always no.


Amazon frequently sends me ads for my own books.


Cite please? I’d like to read your books. And then have Amazon constantly offer them, again and again. :)


That’s actually kind of awesome. “Hey, you know whose books I bet you’d really enjoy? Yours.”


Based on RichVR’s initial post, I’d advise you to stop buying your own books so Amazon will stop recommending them to you!


I’ll never miss a chance to plug my stuff! Both are novellas, although I have a full-length novel in the oven.


Link fail. I’ve seen this in the book thread: somehow, when Discourse adds the Qt3 tags to a “series” or “author” link from Amazon, it slices off something vital. Like the pancreas or the spleen.


Link fixed! (Or rather, pointed at my website instead of Amazon, which is less convenient but does, y’know, work.)


I probably should drink more often.

I am never drunk. Getting drunk periodically should be like obligatory.

Is more a thing about lack of imagination. I am finding me less and less in places where people get drunk.


I am curious. You should post while drunk at least once. :)