Random thought thread!


People say that it just make me easier to understand. I talk slower and use simpler ideas.


So, does anyone know if it is possible to get unemployment if you are part owner of a company but you are not drawing any salary or other payment?


Bob Ross was an Air Force Drill Instructor.
Mr. Rogers was a Marine Sniper.

It makes you think, no?


Public television is an effective means of working through your PTSD?


Seriously. Could you picture Bob Ross screaming at recruits? Calling them grabastic pieces of amphibian shit? Or Fred Rogers calmly making the head of another human being into a brain and blood smoothie? At 1000 yards? Just so weird.


Last I checked for the self-employed, in order to get unemployment while self-employed you have to show you’re willing to drop that self-employment job to get another job. This was years ago though. I guess you reported enough income though to even draw it?


I haven’t paid myself since April of 2016. Yea, being self employed is fun. But I did work Feb-June and made enough to make collecting unemployment worth it. However, I doubt that income counts as far as the EDD is concerned at this point. Probably not until maybe the 4th quarter or first of next year?

I was working 8-2:30 at my place and 3-11:30 at another job.


I am certainly no expert, but the first step was did you pay in to qualify, the second step was did the employer contest it or something else that might prevent you from getting it, and then the last was what allowed you to draw until it was gone which was basically the look for work part. They have some exceptions for specific industry for that look for work part, like if it’s a seasonal lay-off and you’re going to be hired back shortly kind of thing.

You should be able to call and ask your local office though. I guess it’s going to be office specific but I found the front group pretty nice in the past even if the news they gave was unfortunate.


Yea, I have a phone number to call but I haven’t done it because I doubt as of this point in time I have any credits to draw on. When this years work hits then I will call, although I hope by the fall maybe to be back to work again.


So there’s a tremendous amount of light coming in my window in the afternoon so I decided a quick fix would be to head to the store and buy some blackout panels.

So I get them home, take them out of the packaging and realize they’re way too narrow for my window. So I think welp that’s a shame I’ll just take them back. So I then try to get them back in the packaging the way they came.


What the fuck kind of robot folded these fuckers to begin with? It’s like the world’s most complex origami! It’s impossible to figure out the pattern, let alone accomplish the folds with something this long and unwieldy! After about 10 minutes of trying to simply figure out how to fold them I just give up on that and do a simple fold and try to stuff them back in the little hanger/wrapper package, only to then figure out that apparently you can’t even do that because the hanger REFUSES TO GO THROUGH A SIMPLE FOLD IN THE MATERIAL. I can’t even fathom let alone hope to explain the non-euclidean geometry that MUST be required to get this thing back into its original packaging!

So after literally 20 minutes of elevating blood pressure, I throw the pile of shit in the bag with the receipt which I will GLEEFULLY dump on the customer service desk tomorrow. Please. Please say something about it lady.


I want to believe, but i have this bad habit of googling things…Those thoughts were sure random, though. Bob seems to have been in the Airforce (close, at least military service.)


Mister Rogers
There is a long standing rumor that children’s television host Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood was a Marine sniper who racked up a record number of confirmed kills (and wore his famous sweater to hide “Born to Kill” tattoos). This is simply not true. Fred Rogers never served in any of the armed forces.

Ross enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1961 at 18 years old and served as a medical records technician.[5]:15 He eventually rose to the rank of master sergeant and served as the first sergeant of the U.S. Air Force Clinic at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska,[6][7] where he first saw the snow and mountains that later became recurring themes in his artwork.


I forget where I read it it I have seen elsewhere that Ross was a drill sergeant. Something about deciding after he left the service that he would never yell at anybody ever again, though that bit may be apocryphal.


When it sounds unlikely, check Snopes.


I’m doing some data science in support of healthcare systems in conflict zones in Syria. The data is all in Arabic. Some of the Arabic includes typos. Google translate on the typo’d text…

The web interface includes a “Did you mean…” suggestion to correct typos, even in Arabic. That, unfortunately, is not on the API. Anyhow, clicking that with the above text yields:

Ah. That makes a lot more sense.

(preparation for racism)


Wow, I have no idea how Arabic works, but that single, seemingly little character change suggested by Google leads to such consequences? Now I want to know more about such a dynamic language!


Here’s the Arabic, if you want to play:

انبثاق اغشية لماخض ولود (تحضير لقيصرية)


I can totally recognize two letters! I’m not sure which is which though. School sure was a long time ago.


Thinking how perfectly this represents the times: In 1976, the Randall Park Mall opened in the Cleveland suburb of North Randall. For a brief time, it was the world’s largest shopping mall. Like so many malls, it died a slow death and was premanently shuttered in 2009. Yesterday it was announced that an Amazon fulfillment facility is planned for that site.


The first large in door mall here is now home to Cal Trans and the states unemployment office. There is still a Sears though on one end and some stores, but to be honest I haven’t been there for many years.

It was recently sold though and the new owner has promised a total re-do.


OJ granted parole.

Edit: And he’s moving to Florida. Of course he is.