Random thought thread!


Maybe you guys will be neighbors!

Ooh, maybe they’ll reboot the Naked Gun movies!


If you car engine sounds like an unbalanced clothes washer full of marbles on the spin cycle when you start it, you might want to have a mechanic check it out.


We don’t seem to have a “people keeping exotic animals” thread so I figured I’d just drop this here.

They’re not running a major breeding operation or anything, though. More taking in injured or abandoned animals. They’ll do carnivals and parties with some of them. Some people are complaining that it’s inhumane, others say this is a way to deal with animals that would otherwise be put down. Pretty interesting article.


As far as I know, H.G. Wells was the inventor of miniatures wargaming. I’ve always wanted to give his rules a try, and it turns out I have a friend nearby who is of a similar mind (and has room for a little battlefield). The rules center on toy soldiers and little toy cannon which fire a matchstick by means of a spring; men are killed chiefly by knocking them over with fire from the guns.

Classic tin or lead soldiers are unattainable on price grounds—five or ten dollars per man at the very least, since they’re now specialty handmade products rather than children’s toys—but plastic soldiers can be had by the bucketful, and fill in nicely. (Alas, they’re less regular than the old toys, and also not painted, which makes for less pleasing ranks of men, but I can live with that.)

The issue has always been the cannon. I’ve never seen one of the originals for less than $30, and I’m not spending enough to come up with ten of them. I recently found instructions on how to bore out lengths of dowel into little spring-loaded cannon of approximately the proper type. It takes a drill press or a steadier hand than I have, but I’ve always wanted a drill press, and this is a nice excuse. It’s probably more a winter or spring project than one for today, but it seems likely that 2018 won’t go by before I’ve tried out Mr. Wells’ Little Wars.


There is a place like this in the mountains just before you enter Sequoia and Kings Canyon NPs just east of Fresno. They keep all kinds of big cats. They do events to raise money as it is a non-profit.


Legos have spring loaded shooting thingys that might work. Now legos are not cheap either, but are likely cheaper than $30 a pop.


Significantly less than $30 each, even.

Actual cannons that shoot 1x1 round bricks.

Or, little handguns that shoot 1x1 round plates.

Also, Bricklink is awesome for filling out a build :)


Note that the second link is for a two part assembly. That has the ‘gun’ but is missing the trigger switch component.


Edit: also include this piece, which I have one of, since it comes in the Ghost (Star Wars Rebels) set



Oops, my bad! Been a while since I built any of the little guns.

Glancing at my model shelf, I notice there’s also this brick:


That shoots these:


But is much less cannon/gun-like.


So I knew that you could ask Siri to roll dice. I was playing around with it and found that she can roll various sided dice as well. Cool.


runs to sell his randomresult.com stock.


Amazon’s Alexa can, too. Very snappily.


Intriguing! I might try a few of those to see how the range and power are, and how well they can be aimed.


Just tested it on my Pixel phone with its “google assistant” (strange they didn’t give it a cutesy name like the others…)

Anyway, it plays back the sound of the dice and you can hear the difference between a D4 & a D20, which is a nice touch!


I just tried that. Pretty nifty.


Further proof that Mencken was right:

My daughter works at a local bank. Like many banks, they offer dog treats to folks in the drive-thru line who have their pets with them. Today, the teller offered to send out a treat to a woman in the line. Her response: “My dog is gluten free.”


Think that’s bad?


You’re getting old when a tour guide asks if you A) have kids in high school and B) remember Apollo 13 (the real thing, not the movie). For the record, A) no, but if I was married and had kids they’d likely be that age and B) missed that one by a few years.


My first ever 1X CD drive had a disc caddy. Remember those? Talk about old.


Mine too. 1993. Team Electronics-built PC.
A friend of mine actually gave me a brand new boxed retail 2X drive in trade for that 1X drive, specifically because he thought that disk caddy was so damn cool. The joke will be on me if those caddy drives ever become collector’s items. :)