Random thought thread!


I wish somebody would remake Interstate '76.


Way ahead of you chief, here’s my proof of concept:


So the sound effects aren’t that great I’ll admit, but it’s a total blast to play.


I don’t know that this really goes here but I can’t think of any other place to put it - but then again I can’t exactly not share it, no sir.


Oh god, just that opening paragraph man. They could have just done one pun, but they got lured in by the ecstasy of gold-en wordplay. How dare you link a paragraph like that, it has blackened our reputation good sir!


The asshole’s behavior is inexcusable. OTOH who brings a 10 year old to a Metallica concert?


I know, right? Bring them to something better like an Iron Maiden concert.


The most awesome parent on earth.

edit: Reason #478 why Armando should never have children


My first concert was to see KISS, I forget how old I was but pretty sure it was around 7-8. Man I loved those guys.


Well I guess I am now all ready for this Total Eclipse. My glasses and binoculars arrived, now we just need the smoke to leave.


Turn around bright eyes…


Oh man, you’ve given me traumatic flashbacks to that music video, those people with the glowing eyes really weirded me out for some reason. Years of therapy down the drain, jerk!



I don’t think I ever saw the video for that title. Most my video watching days were for Pop up Video, but I am sure they must have played that at least once.


These guys -


I couldn’t even tell you why really, but to this day I find them a little unsettling. I’d change the channel if it came on.


Good God. Only a little unsettling?


Well I mean they don’t do anything except stand there and sing along to the song, so - I don’t know maybe? Nobody else ever seemed to be as freaked out by them as I was so I just figured it was me.


I saw that video when MTV premiered it, and I was completely freaked out. Filmed like a gothic horror movie; the dark rooms, some of them full of incomprehensible action; the glowing eyes; the slow-motion pulling apart of the banquet; why do people have wings?! The video seems silly to me now, but I still remember my initial reaction when it fell upon my adolescent eye.

Here’s the video for you, Nesrie:

I don’t know what director Russell Mulcahy was thinking, or if he even cared what the song was about. It’s basically the headmistress of a boy’s school fantasizing (at best) about her students. There’s really nothing in the song to suggest it’s about minors.

I will say, though, that Tyler made the best use of her voice. Her operation in the '70s for vocal nodules doesn’t seem to have left her vocal equipment unaffected, but she is able to send shivers up my spine with it.


One of them suddenly flies toward the camera. It was unsettling.


It sounds like you guy might need to start a support group. I had no idea this video was out there. I know the song but the video is… odd.


IIRC, there’s an interview where Bonnie Tyler is asked about it, and her answer is basically “You have to remember that we were doing a lot of cocaine at the time…”