Random thought thread!


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How do you flag a post you can’t see/read? Or rather why?

Also, is it just me or has this habit of deleting posts become a lot more common lately? Perhaps a better move might be to stop for 2 seconds BEFORE you post and consider if you really want to pull the trigger on that reply button after all!


We live in the Matrix already and we all volunteered to enter it because the personalized recommendation algorithms were so good that it basically was a promise of eternal mental masturbation.

On another random thought note:




I’ve seen a few people accidentally post to the wrong topic a few times. It’s not always keyboard pounding.

Also, what the hell is with a the cremation ad… umm, is that supposed to be a joke about killing your daughter or… something?


I think it means she will soon be dying, so you’d better set up her cremation fund, or the state will toss her in a dumpster.


I try to avoid it, but notably, I accidentally hit post on a draft from my phone a day or two ago, and didn’t have the time or inclination to finish it them. I went and yanked it instead. It’s nice to have the option.


Plus the old forum didn’t throw up a giant blinking neon sign that said “HA HA LOOK AT THE BIG DUMMY WHO DELETED THIS POST”, they just got, you know, deleted.


Sounds like finally, some ad agency took it directly from the inspirobot.


GODDAMNIT! I have the Ducktales theme song running through my head. I hate that song. Every time I forget it, I see a reference to it. On TV, in a subreddit. FUCK Ducktales!


It’s a duckler.


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?


I have never watched this abomination you speak of. Your magic has no power over me. :)


Today I learned that, in honor of his legacy, a shade of purple has been named after Prince.


My mother recently joined AARP, but she sounds it out; she says ARP. And every time she starts telling me what ARP told her today, I keep asking her who.

Oh, she also told me my little sister’s boyfriend is in trouble because he keeps downloading faces off of Facebook. I asked her three times, just to be certain, that she was sure that’s why he’s in trouble. My mother does not use Facebook.



So it’s happening. I am losing it. I woke up around 9AM today. The wife was not home. Around 11AM I was wondering when she would get home. She called at noon. I asked her where she was.

“At work.”

::grinding gear sounds in head::

“Wait. It’s not Sunday?”

::laughing:: “No, it’s Wednesday, the middle of the week.”

Let us draw a curtain upon the rest of the scene. 'Sbeen nice knowing you guys.


hehe, yeah. That. I’d ask my little sister what’s going on but my mother made it pretty clear she wasn’t supposed to tell me anything. I’ve told both my sisters not to share secrets with our mother unless they want the family to know.


Bonnie Tyler is planning to perform “Total Eclipse of the Heart” during the total eclipse of the sun.


Is this part of an event of some kind? Or will she just be singing it somewhere quietly to herself? Because that would make me happy, too.


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