Random thought thread!


Many cultures imbue salt with magical properties, generally purification related.


Today I learned what a bully stick (which is a dog treat) is made out of. The cool kids on the street call it pizzle, but it’s best known by the name castle ranchers call it - bull cock.

Do you feed your dog raw dick? I’m not gonna lie, my dogs seem to both like it.


So I’ve always maintained that babies are fucking weird looking and people plastering Facebook with pictures of their kids blows chunks, saying that people’s dogs and cats are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy super cuter.

But damn if one of my old best friends from HS hasn’t gone full “horse girl” mode in her quest to rescue and love every single Pit Bull that has ever been born, and goddamn if those aren’t some ugly-ass dogs. Which she posts approximately 40 pictures and 18 videos of every hour :)

But I mean, good on her for adopting 3 and now agreeing to foster 1-2 at a time until they can also be adopted. I know the breed gets a pretty bad rap, and she has a giant heart for looking out for 'em.


Yeah. They love organ meat. :)


I mean I’m gonna miss her when one day she goes to break up a fight between her giant horse-dogs and they decide to eat her instead of stopping fighting, but what can you do?


I know one person who has ever been bitten by a dog. It was a Pit Bull, this is pretty much exactly what happened. Her face was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Arrrrrrrrrrr! Avast ye. Rum, sodomy and the lash. Arrrrrrr!


JFK terminal 5 sucks, that is all




X and Y and A and B, or triangle and square and circle and X, depending on what side of the console wars their kids are on.


Mom. Dad. To the actual parent. To explain to someone else? Probably parent and first name. Not hard. Not weird. Just the same way that a child with two sets of grandparents describes them. Grandma Sarah. Grandma Mary. Etc.

And in the case of my son, who was born when my grandmother was still alive. Little Grandma. She was lucky enough to see her great grandson born and grow up.


Why do they put perfume in an odor eliminator?


Cuz it turns out that genuinely eliminating odors–especially a broad swath of different kinds and strengths and “sizes”–is really damned hard, and most people are willing to settle for things smelling “better” rather than “inert.”

As someone who cooks a lot of Indian food and lives with a woman who doesn’t like going to work smelling like an Indian restaurant, I’ve learned the first part of that the hard way, too :(


There are two easy solutions to this:

  1. stop cooking Indian food (not an option)
  2. she gets a job in an Indian restaurant.


Upon further research, I have learned that when they first marketed Febreze, it didn’t sell well. They looked into why and found that because it eliminated odors but didn’t itself have a smell, people doubted it was doing anything. So they paradoxically added a smell to something that eliminates smells. The unscented sells poorly enough that most stores don’t stock it.

It’s basically the reason that toothpaste foams. Foaming isn’t necessary to clean teeth, apply fluoride, and make your breath minty, but most people don’t think it’s doing anything if it doesn’t lather up in your mouth.


Funny how the answer to SO many questions is “because people are stupid.”


I just wanted to mention that I love Gerry Rafferty’s music generally, and that I think Baker Street is one of the greatest songs to come out of the 70s. It sounds great but it also tells this awesome story, I never get sick of listening to it. Awesome sax in there, too.

Another year and then you’ll be happy
Just one more year and then you’ll be happy
But you’re crying, you’re crying now


That’s funny, I heard that song on the radio this past weekend, and thought “Why don’t I have that album? That’s a great song!”


So on the subject of teeth. I had my pre-extraction meeting with the dentist. I’ll be taking Halcion as a form of conscious sedation. One the night before and two the morning of. With one extra for whatever. I have a history with benzos. When I was younger I had a girlfriend who was prescribed Valium. At one point I was taking 5 or 10 10mg pills at a time. I also have had an addiction to heroin. So I’m wondering if I’ll even feel anything at all. I guess we’ll see.

Wednesday is the day. I am nervous. But not as much anymore. Now I just want it to be over. According to the doc the healing process, before fitting dentures (ugh) may be as long as a month away. I should finally have them before Christmas. Fuck me. Thanksgiving should be fun.

Anyway I have 20 Vicodins, Amoxicillin and a mouth rinse called chlorhexidine gluconate. Along with a list of things to do and not do. Including no smoking or drinking for a month. Shut up.

Turkey. Will it blend? Sure. Will I eat it? Nope. Lots of stuffing and mashed potatoes for me. With the wife’s gravy. Not the worst thing in the world, I guess. More later.


Ask him if you can use spittin’ tobacco!

I’d have thought the tolerance you built up back in the day has at least diminished. You’ll need to watch how you react to the re-introductions, of course, but you already know that.

Also: Cream of Wheat! Surprisingly satisfying stuff.

Good luck!