Random thought thread!


Elves aren’t Barbara Eden, dumbass

Elves eat trees, and like have like forest powers, and shit like that

Edit: You ruined it. :(


OK she just started making small talk with a dude in a Riddler outfit. Definitely not making eye contact.


At least it wasn’t the Joker.


Bus wi-fi, man. I can’t just leave a dupe post out there, eating up bandwidth and wumpus’ sanity.


I’m surprised it wasn’t Wonder Woman and Pennywise. I figure I’ll see about a hundred of each tonight.


The wife is outside giving out candy. It’s sweet to see little kids in their costumes. One was a jellyfish. Her costume was a clear umbrella with tentacles glued to it. They are as of yet untainted by memes and media. Princesses and witches. Of course a Hulk. But pretty tame. I had to come inside before I started tearing up. All of this innocence will be destroyed in a few years. Then they will be like us. So sad.


As opposed to?..


Well, someone’s never ridden the bus!


Anyone else saying “spoopy” instead of “spooky” tonight, just because?

Just me? Alright.

Not drunk, I swear.


I discovered what I think was a genius idea of cleaning the bottom of pots with sandpaper. At first it’s because I kept looking for uses for my shiny power sander but then realized hand-sanding pots is even better.

Any idea if there could be drawbacks? I am using very fine grit so I don’t see any scratches. I am wondering if the original pans have a special coating or something that I am destroying.

Just to be clear, I am doing the bottom, not the food side.


I could see micro-abrasions forming that might not be friendly to glass cooktops, but you’re gonna get stuff like that naturally anyway.

On cheaply made clad cookware I guess I could theoretically sand through a very thin layer of steel in time, but, um, I think it would take a lot of time.

Cleaners like Barkeepers Friend use abrasives as part of their mixture and are generally okay in small amounts and occasional use.


ok i see Amazon carries Barkeeper’s friend. I normally use stuff like… hmm farola, that powder detergent.


Barkeeper’s Friend is awesome, I’ve used it my whole life I think.


Hey, anyone know if it’s ok to use on glass cooktops too? The label says so but i’m a bit worried about scratching up glass.


I’ve never had any issue with using it on glass (Pyrex, etc.) dishes. I don’t use it on my soapstone countertops, but then, you shouldn’t use ANYTHING abrasive on soapstone. It scratches if you look at it funny.





@ArmandoPenblade @BennyProfane

Barkeeper’s Friend

Tried it. Works good. A++ would ask for advice again.




Just heard a random Meat Puppets song on the radio that I don’t think I’ve heard in maybe twenty years. Love those guys.

There’s a blood that’s flowing through the ceiling
With a knife to open up the sky’s veins